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Im not paying anyone for erotic content. For one, sexy photos and videos rot your brain and destroy your motivation to do anything with your life. For two, with all the free racy content online, I can rot my brain and kill my motivation completely gratis! 🤷‍♂️

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Pretty much. It's just a collosal waste of money.

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I think younger girls in particular (18+) are so driven and brainwashed into an extravagant level of life style that they are willing to do pretty much anything to get it.

Only fans provides a quick and easy way to get there. Well, at least that's how it looks but the truth is 99.9% are not going to make the six figures.

That's a big part of the scam. The top % are shown in all their money making glory and the rest are skipped over along with the consequences.

Like anything on the internet it's there forever. Image a woman at her wedding wondering how many of the guys there found her OF account from back in the day... How would the groom feel? I wonder what her kids and their friends will think of it when they find it. I don't believe these are things18yos are thinking about when they start up an OF page.

Maybe I'm too old school with all my shame and self respect but I find it hard to believe you can engage in this and not have regrets later on. (Unless of course you make a lot of money. Then you can justify it to yourself as being worth it. But again only a small few will make that level of income.)

Overall I think OF hurts women far more then it empowers them.

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That shit was never meant to be empowering to women

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About 200k per day or so

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I hope that was just a joke.

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Looking good detty!

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Aw, thanks, Adventurous_Ad6212

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I am shocked people pay for it, but whatever.

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Zero. 0 views.

It's interesting to see what percentage of women are happy to become whores, but are so lazy they don't want to leave their homes to do so. Selling their body? Sure, no shame, they are more than happy to become worthless sex objects. Selling their body by going somewhere?? Oh no! That's a bridge too far! What is this, the middle ages?! They can degrade themselves from the living room like civilized prostitutes, thank you!

It's also interesting the number of idiot men who actually give them money. You could do a simple search on most search engines for "Beautiful woman has sex with rolling pin" and get results from professional porn actors who knock 90% of these women out of the water for free... Pump out a quick one and suddenly your desire to pay to see Martha from Boston, 39, 2 kids, fucking her rolling pin at home while they are at school for $12.95 is gone. Why is anyone hurling money at them??

It's a free world, mostly. They wanna do it and people wanna pay for it? Sounds like a match made in a mental hospital, but a match is a match.

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thanks to free porn i have never once had the desire to engage with prostitution, and never once given a single cent to the porn industry.

and as far as ethics, i can rest easy knowing that SURELY lesbians are making wholesome lesbian porn for lesbians.

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Women treat women worse than men treat women.

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Couldn't agree more with you. It's Pride, Greed, Lust, Envy, Sloth, and sometimes Wrath and Gluttony, all wrapped up in a single site.

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so lazy

Lazy.... or just smart?

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Being a whore is both lazy and stupid and it's disgusting and dishonorable.

If a lady is mentally and physically fit, she can get a job or be a housewife instead of spreading perversion addiction sin low testosterone sexual dysfunction and mental illness throughout society.

I think onlyfan whores should be sent to jail.

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You have some issues with sex. And mind you, I hate prostitution, but your hate for it is..... suspicious.

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I've never rented a whore. Not online, not IRL.

Jail for being a whore. Boom done.

Spreading microbes and erectile dysfunction and PERVERSION everywhere. Masturbation to porn causes fetishes. Those are ABNORMAL.

If we do this, what if God punishes our society??? We can't be too careful.

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Heh. Depends on the scale, I guess. Lazy and stupid from the stand point of a normal person who wants to lead a life without selling their body. Smart in whore terms - Like being king of the idiots.

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It's entry level sex work.

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It's destroying the fabric of society.

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There are no real customers. It's a foreign psyop by some rich billionaire to further subvert western females.

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It’s smut.

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A prostitute chooses to serve. A slave has no choice. With that said half of adults on the planet have a bank account to pay these things. We gave to be careful wether we are with christ or the money changer. Mix up how long people have worked for someone you have no corelations to and bam you have dino dna

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Only look at the free stuff.

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I don't have an only fans, but I'm sure I would get a lot if views.

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It is when a woman has no skills or talents other than to be a whore on an online social network platform.

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Lazy, trashy, garbage, talentless, useless, middle-aged, 5-out-of-10, entitled, narcissistic women use it to exploit extremely pathetic male losers with a sex addiction, for pseudo-porn selfies and feet pics these lazy, trashy, garbage, talentless, useless, middle-aged, 5-out-of-10, entitled, narcissistic women take a couple of minutes to produce and then think they're entitled to tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars for. It's the ultimate culmination of everything wrong with modern society; from hideous feminist whores thinking being a whore is "empowering," to loser simps who have completely failed being a man worthy of even the tiniest level of respect, to the sheer concept of being a lazy, entitled, half-assed sex-worker-wannabe putting out selfies and thinking you're owed six figures a year for it, to "adults" of both genders whose parents failed them in every conceivable way.

I'm not even religious, but I think this site encompasses all Seven Deadly Sins, all at once. And obviously Lust. Obviously Greed and Sloth. Pride coming from the fact 95-99% of these women aren't even attractive enough to be "Instagram famous" but will still shill their shit on IG and other social media anyway, which is how I know what so many of them look like outside of that site. Envy and Wrath coming from how they feel about other girls on there and the competition they see them as, despite most of them all being just as lazy and ugly as each other. And the rarest one, Gluttony, probably comes from some of the apparently-obese women on there, who also advertise their shit on social media like Instagram.

Most women are opportunistic and selfish by nature, so I don't blame them too much for being on there; it's the poor excuses of men who are the problem. These men foster the problem of creating these shitty women, instead of having a fucking backbone and ounce of dignity and maybe getting their porn from actual porn sites that happens to be actual porn and not half-assed selfies. It is literally impossible for me to respect any man simping to these lazy ugly whores on OnlyFans, as well as it being hard for me to respect almost any women on there (unless she's in a desperate situation and doing what she needs to do to take care of others; but that's unlikely; OF trash are the most selfish entitled women on Earth.) I couldn't ever respect myself if I signed up for OnlyFans. I once accidentally clicked a tiny-URL that sent me to that site and had to erase it off my browser history and felt dirty all day I even went on there by accident. The site is pure cringe. There's a reason only Progressives, feminist women, and soyboys are on there.

If you must use porn, at least use actual porn and not worshipping trashy women's feet selfies they put in zero-effort to actually make. I've seen all the YouTube exposes on this site; I know none of it takes any work whatsoever; it's why porn stars love it so much; they're doing the same thing as before but with 1% of the effort. And then these lazy ugly cunts bitch about "only making an extra $1,000-2,000 a month for doing nothing, because someone like Amouranth (a Twitch whore) makes a quarter million a month on there, and these women all think they have the "value" of Amouranth and should be making the same money as her.

Like I said, OnlyFans is the perfect symbol of everything wrong with modern society. If you're a male subbed to these pathetic skanks on there, do the world a favor and make it a better place by "bubbling" yourself; preferably by bridge or running in traffic.

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Dude you seem to take this VERY personally.

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It's just another form of prostitution and most onlyfans whores usually end up becoming full time, actual whores. I'm confused why some women apparently willingly choose to degrade themselves and turn themselves into hoes. But hey, there's women willing to chop off their healthy breasts, so it's not farfetched at all that there would be other women choosing to become prostitutes.

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The government should ban it and tiktok.

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Ban it.

Masturbating to porn for men = low testosterone, perversion, fetishes and illness

Creating porn as a women = lazy, subhuman, destroys men's bodies and takes advantage of sex addicts.