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LMFAO at the comments, seems like the men have issues with woman when in reality they are the problem. If you keep picking fruit off the ground you will always pick crap, with the exception of the first 10 or so I've been with in my life time I've done quite well. You little boys need to learn to pick better woman.

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I don't disagree with you. I say it all the time. But.........the real story is how many are really left on the tree? Way, way, way less than there ever was. That's the real issue, then people start talking in absolutes.

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I doubt I can explain it as well as tom leykis did many years ago but people tend to pick a type, you go to a bar or club your going to find that type of person. You look for someone who shares your likes and go to those locations. An example would be you like classical music so attend an event for classical music not a Rammstein concert. In my 70 years I've had good luck with two woman, the first lasted 12 years and the one I'm with now seems to be a good match and in-between the two long term marriages I had my fun with disposable younger woman.

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Yeah there is a lot of truth to that. Especially the pick a type. But I feel like we pick a type in personality, not so much activities.

I've seen librarians at slipknot concerts and the other way around. I don't have much in common activities wise with my current girlfriend, but it's the best relationship I've ever had, but it's boring.

Changing what you're attracted to is so very fucking hard. I'm attracted to broken, and disorder, and the monkey sex that comes along with it.

But I know that's counterproductive to what I really want, and so boring it is.

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In my dating days I always looked for the bar hopper girls, cheap and easy. I met wife #2 on vacation in Neuschwanstein Castle of all places. I looked like a bum tourist in jeans and t shirt, she's well educated and works in the movie industry. One must venture outside there sandbox I guess to find the right one.

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There is nothing that is true about an entire sex. Women in America are nothing like women in Brazil or South Korea or India. Within America there are huge differences between the different races, between the different classes, between different regions and even between political leanings.

It is tempting to try to identify the root of any social problem in hopes that this can lead to a solution. But the real root cause is never half the world's population.

For example the wage gap propaganda mentioned which leads to social injustice and harm. That doesn't originate "from women". It originates from the feminist movement. But more specifically it originates from the aristocrats who want the world's population reduced and use movements like feminism to destroy the nuclear family and create animosity to keep people from having healthy relationships.

There is no shortage of men who believe the propaganda either.

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Some are pretty, some are ugly, and they need to shut the FUCK up about a "wage gap" because women are on top in college education.

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I don't see what being on top in college education has to do with it. Women get far more easy degrees that don't lead to high paying jobs. College has become a "human right" rather than a privilege for high achievers or a metric of competency. Anyone and everyone is given a degree so long as they are foolish enough to waste 4 years and rack up tens of thousands in debt for water amounts to a participation trophy.

People need to be educated on why the wage gap is a bullahit metric used to sow anger and justify discriminatory policies.

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A lot of women seem to lose the ability to think rationally when an effeminate man blows smoke up their ass.

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A "strong opinion" of my own is just how many females have taken the art of sarcasm to epic levels and how I despise that. I hate that trait of any person and the reason I have surmised of females is their own misplaced hatred of men in general. They do it as punishment.

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Most of them are selfish and retarded. Not really an opinion about women though, cause I feel the same exact way about the human species in general. I'm not even going to go into what I think about exploitative lesbians ("bisexuals") scamming dudes cause I've realized this site is full of way too much negativity and I need to steer away from losers like that on here, despite how much I hate certain female scammers, con artists, gold diggers, and OF smut peddlers.

Regardless though, I happened to end up hetero and not asexual. Dude, I'd be a baller with millions by now if I didn't have women and relationships on my mind. There's still lots of good women out there; it's just none of them are single, though... Not one.

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Tim sums me up fairly well.

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Good consumers

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The vast majority of them have a vagina.

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There are women without a vagina??

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Rare but happens.

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I agree with Skeletor "Screw your rights!" /s

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It’s common for women to be hard on those who are socially challenged. A guy has a higher chance of a lady being harsh to him and unwelcoming to him if he doesn’t socially function all that well.

Many ladys will be evasive to those who they don’t like while refusing to be honest about why they don’t like who they don’t like.

It’s common for women to be hetRophobic to a guy who show’s attraction to them if that guy is not in the top ranking areas of attractive men

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This is true. I was once diagnosed with classic autism and they were absolutely the biggest twats to me. Both sexes are assholes, it's just they display it differently.

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Glorified children whose only redeeming feature was (past tense) their maternity; now, rendered by kosher intervention, whores of Babylon.

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I hate them especially white women

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We can't be happy without them and those saying otherwise are coping.

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