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They're going to try to normalize pedophilia again, like they tried back in the early 2010s. They tried to add it to the LGBT alphabet soup with shit like NAMBLA, but it failed miserably. Then they tried to lump it in with homosexuality and pieces of shit who should be executed like Scott Wiener of California legalized it with SB 145 so that "a ten year gap" wouldn't count as pedophilia, basically allowing a 21 year old to legally molest/rape an 11 year old. It's also why they're shoving literal gay porn into elementary school libraries as "LGBT friendly content."

All of the LGBT propaganda has been leading up to this final boss, and they'll call you "homophobic" if you don't support filthy degenerate grown men sleeping with and grooming your elementary school kids. All these pedos should either be put six feet under, or more appropriately, spared that mercy and kept alive, instead. But yes, I assure you, they've been trying to make pedophilia normalized for the last 25-30 years now, and they're succeeding.

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I don't want to click the wrong youtube video and have the feds bust my door down. Sorry cheeta, I have no idea what you have to show me.

Therefore please tell me the names of these videos so I can google it myself.

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They're two videos from the Gay Men's Choir about them openly admitting they want to molest children, but they weakly try to "play it off as a joke" despite the fact no law-abiding gay man (or anyone else) would joke about raping children. It's relatively safe-for-work, besides the disgusting nature of the songs.

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Oh that one. How do we know it was about turning kids into gay kids, rather than converting them into gay adults to perpetuate their "community?"

Edit: furthermore, how long do you predict we have until this becomes a thing, and when should we spring into action?

Too early and people will say: "You are pedos because you think about it constantly."

To late and God strikes our society down.

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They've already started doing it, as said in California. The US presidential election will determine if they'll push it further in 2025. If the Democrats fucking cheat again and rig the election, it's guaranteed to be pushed out by 2025 and possibly signed into law by the Biden Administration and everyone who'll disagree with it will be arrested and put on a "terrorist watchlist." You know Klaus Schwab, the big boss behind all of this, was on Epstein Island more times than anyone, right? California, Canada, and Europe are almost always the testing grounds for this liberal lunacy and you'll see it happen there first before it goes international, such as the case of letting criminals run free and arresting people for "misgendering."

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The dems may have some really scary policies, but the courts found no election interference.

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the courts found no election interference.

You can be super naïve and willfully ignorant if you want, overlooking mountains of evidence and the Supreme Court choosing to stay out of it despite the evidence. It's not my job to point people to obvious facts and to wake up Normies from shit even Ray Charles could see coming. (I'm not even a MAGA Ride or Die, or anything.) I'm used to being right and silently telling everyone "I fucking told you so." Just don't cry later when shit hits the fan. You had a chance to stop it, but chose to bury your heads in the sand and pretend like federal politicians and big corporation CEO's are nice, fair, law-abiding, kind people. I'm guessing the big corporations will probably rig the election again (or just assassinate Trump days before it), and it'll be even more obvious this time around and once again nothing will happen to those involved.

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Well we disagree about that but at least we agree about other stuff.

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Georgia was stolen I mean just think about it a dem isn't winning the Deep South

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That's the state with Niggerville. They vote.

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They don't vote much and when they do they vote trump, that shit was rigged

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.....too much evidence of the former imo

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I don't think the feds will bust your door down for inadvertently coming across something nasty.

I reported someone in L4D2 for an obvious CSAM spray, and valve didn't give a shit.

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Nah, pedophilia is a very old concept that humans have been grappling with for thousand of years. It certainly isn't "the next big thing."

There is no substantial movement pushing for legalizing sex with prepubescent children. 99.9% of human beings, of all political ideologies, find that abhorrent. It's going nowhere.

There are, of course, endless questions about late-adolescents. Questions like: who can legally sleep with a 17 year old? Only another 17 year old? An 18 year old? A 20 year old? A 22 year old? Anyone they say yes to? No one at all? Does the sex of the 17 year old matter? Does the sex of the person having sex with the 17 year old matter? What if a 17 year old has sex with a 14 year old - what do we do then?

Right now our culture frames this as a debate about "pedophilia." It isn't. Pedophilia is a mental condition causing an attraction to prepubescent children. Age of consent issues are something else entirely.

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"This bill would exempt from mandatory registration under the act a person convicted of certain offenses involving minors if the person is not more than 10 years older than the minor and if that offense is the only one requiring the person to register."

-SB 145

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Pedophilia and zoophilia.

It's actually happening on Twatter, Discord and Dumblr.

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I just saw your name on, thought you had quit cause this was the last thing you wrote.

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Ah noooo I'm still here, lol I just don't really have time for Saidit lately. But I still try to at least lurk whenever I can.

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MAP, Minor Attracted People. Pedophiles.

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How would this gain traction though?

No legislator will want to legalise this, aren't a lot of them rich and have kids?

If someone has kids, they'll never legalize pedophilia.

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Look at Epstein's and Diddy's list, most of the clients were politicians who have kids.

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OK, but that is someone ELSE'S kids, and they did it in secret so nobody would find out (probably raping and sacrificing children to some sort of solar deity.)

A universal greenlight could jeopardize their OWN kids too.

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MAAP, MinorAbuse Attracted People.

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Beastiality is next.

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Whatever is seen as offending conservative Christians the most.

The establishment propagandists are coveting a domestic terror "news" story that is already written save for names and places as well as a few other details.

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They'll think of whatever it is that will outrage people, but get one side of the political spectrum to eat the bait.

Ghey sex books for children was wildly successful, because it got faux news and everybody reeing over it, where it would have just quickly died if people ignored the whole thing. Streissand effect. Like how Huckleberry finn and to kill a mockingbird became more popular only because someone wanted to ban them.

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Incest most likely. They seem to normalise first, second, third cousins relationships.

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A study from Iceland shows that the ideal marriage partners is third cousin. Google it.

Close enough to share just the right genes, no risk of inbreeding or outbreeding.

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Sure, but I know some of my third cousins, so it would disgust me

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Yeah. The only people who don't disgust me are people that I don't know.

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That's fair

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Lowering the age to have sex with children. Of course. The younger the better. Some nice little 8-9-10 year olds will do just fine.

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Hey there Muhammad.

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    I don't have a problem with assisted suicide in cases where someone is terminally ill and in excruciating pain.

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    The problem isn't transgenderism, the problem is modern culture. Many sane cultures have had ladyboys, but all members of modern culture, whether on the Right or the Left, are irredeemable vile human scum.

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    Many sane cultures have had ladyboys

    Gonna have to disagree with you on that one. Sexual degeneracy is usually the decline or the fall of a civilization. Just look at Ancient Greece and Rome.

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    Umm wtf

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    I think the next "abomination," as conservatives will see it, is virtual girlfriends.

    Within a decade they'll be very popular. At first it will just be video chat. We don't quite know what shape it will take after that - whether it will be VR or robotics or some third thing - but men will have access to women who are physically perfect, who never say no to anything, and who want nothing but to please us in every way.

    Only thing is, they won't be human.

    And, um, society's gonna get really angry, paranoid, disgusted, etc.

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    Translanguage. Because languages are often inherited from evil colonialism, we must now accept that not everyone communicates in the same formulaic way. Language-queer can now screech, have a heart attack Parkinson crisis on the ground, and say ooga booga looma Boogaloo. Everyone can drool like a mentally challenged individual, laugh maniacally, and say unintelligible sentences now without fear of being judged.

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    So THAT is how to tower of babel happened!!!

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    They've been working on the idea that fucking children is no big deal for quite a while now. I'm willing to grant them that if they'll in turn grant us a mulligan on throwing all the MAPs we can catch into the chipper feet first.