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ok retard

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Try harder with your ragebait, it's too obvious

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Broken window theory. If you don't have police harassing people they start behaving more and more poorly. They see others behaving poorly without consequences and then behave even worse out of spite and other psychological reasons. When you see someone pulled over you don't know why they were pulled over but you see that the cops are out and about and it encourages you to obey all the laws.

This dynamic would not, and did not matter in cities that were 100% white. There would be one sheriff for the whole town and they would only have to deal with the local hillbillie and occasionally settle a small dispute. White people simply obey the laws out of a civic duty. They would be embarrassed to be seen breaking the law. They would not want their reputation tarnished. If ever we were to get back to that then we could reduce the police presence and not have any harassment. The core problem is not the police.

With that said, there are a lot of things that can be fixed about the police. They have far too much arrogance. Too many abusive, low IQ people become cops and get away with nasty behavior. There should definitely be a watchdog group with the power to hold cops accountable. Qualified immunity is a travesty of justice. But sometimes I think it is a necessary evil because of all the effort made to oppose police abuse almost none of it is justified. Instead it is based on the anti white racist agenda of those in power.