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I think the blackpill is designed by people between ages 15 and 21, for people between ages 15 and 21.

Many of the blackpill's claims hold true for people in that age range. For example, "only looks matter" - well of course only looks matter when you're in high school. Because nothing else makes you special. You own nothing, you've proven nothing, you've achieved nothing, you are fundamentally the same as everyone else. Except maybe you're attractive. Or not. And everyone's judging everyone else on their looks because everyone's brain is just a mushy soup of hormones at that stage.

But once you're in you're mid-twenties and beyond, you can see that the blackpill has become a steaming heap of bullshit and doesn't apply to adult life at all. The monoculture of school is gone, replaced by microcultures of friends that don't think about the world, let alone sex and romance, in remotely the same way as each other. There is a huge diversity.

Trying to explain what 17 year old girls want and how they act has some merit. Trying to explain the same for 32 year old women is an exercise in futility.

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If by the blackpill you mean an ideology that says if you don't have good genes you're fucked, yeah I'd basically say that's true.

Unless you are born with good genes, or God gives them to you, you'll probably not get a pretty chick.

There are three ways around this:

1: Christ changes your DNA (unlikely)

2: You get a girl in a third world country and she submits and obeys

3: You become rich.