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America has never won a single war in its existence


Revolutionary War: U.S. victory.

American Indian Wars: About 40 U.S. victories.

Barbary Coast Wars: U.S. victory.

Mexican War: U.S. victory.

Second Opium War: U.S.-allied victory.

Cortina Wars: U.S. victory.

Las Cuevas War: U.S. victory.

Anglo-Egyptian War: U.S.-allied victory.

Garza War: U.S.-allied victory.

Spanish–American War: U.S. victory.

Philippine–American War: U.S. victory.

Boxer Rebellion: U.S.-allied victory.

Banana Wars: Several U.S. victories.

World War I: U.S.-allied victory.

World War II: U.S.-allied victory.

Lebanon Crisis: U.S. victory.

Korean DMZ conflict: U.S. victory.

Grenada invasion: U.S. victory.

Cold War: U.S. victory.

U.S. Invasion of Panama: U.S. victory.

Gulf War: U.S. victory.

Kosovo War: U.S.-allied victory.

Operation Ocean Shield: U.S.-allied victory.

International ISIS campaign: U.S.-allied victory.

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not conflicts actual invasions of a nation

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Pretty much our entire west coast is due to an actual invasion of a nation. We marched into Mexico and took one third of their country from them by force.

And we took part of Panama by force, and invaded the Spanish colonies of Puerto Rico and Guam and took those for ourselves as well.

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They can only beat up way smaller countries. Any nation with an actual army they end up sucking balls.

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You'll never get a woman if you keep acting like this.

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Not true I already banged your mom

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You used that insult already. This is the third time. Can't you put some EFFORT into your trolling? Come on man take some pride in your work it's so lazy and uncreative.

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your mom is lazy and unattractive

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I could retaliate with all sorts of insults reminding you of how miserable you are and putting snarky humor in to make you despair, but I'm going to do the Christian thing for now and not.

How about we find a solution to your problems so you stop being so miserable?

You want a lady? Can we help you get one? Would you be open to me starting a forum post inviting everyone to help you find a chick, offer their suggestions?

You are pitable. Your insults do not hurt because you're so utterly pitiable that I just feel bad for you instead.

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LOL, shifting the goal posts already. Every country in the world can be called smaller because the us military budget is by far the biggest in the world.

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You're just upset because their "privates" are better than yours.

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Most people aren't good enough to qualify for the US Army.

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They won wars only lost Vietnam

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Hey guys, don't pay attention to this stupid retard.

u/211 is u/844's sister account, a troll who can't get a lady, so he takes it out on society by trolling on the internet and insulting white people.

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I don't insult white people I criticize them for being evil and destroying the world. Also I banged your mom.