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It's not just 'the left''s pro-war stance that's peculiar.

Did you ever imagine that it would e.g. push for corporate control of information,
wanting sociopathic greed-driven businesses deciding what people get to read or not?

The current 'left' seems to be marketing-agency astroturf
actually aiming at totalitarianism.

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In the '90s and early '00s, the parties had distinct ideologies.

Now, they really don't. Now they're not held together by any unifying principle beyond "the other party sucks."

Twenty years ago, the left would have been casting the principled "protest vote" against war. Today, they feel like they're the only adults in the room and if they don't stand up to Putin, he'll just gleefully conquer all of eastern Eurasia.

their own country has homeless people on the streets and people dying of hunger.

We have a lot of homeless, but they tend to be mentally ill and/or drug addicts who are simply not capable of maintaining a residence.

No one is dying of hunger. That isn't a thing.

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"oday, they feel like they're the only adults in the room and if they don't stand up to Putin" lol, have you always been this retarded or only after joining the democrat party?, only in the minds of the brandon voting imbeciles does puting has the resources to conquer anything besides small former USSR shitholes, and even if he did conquer Eurasia, so fucking what? fuck those shitholes incapable of defending themselves, those american dollars could be used as toilet paper and still be better spent

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I'm not a partisan or even a registered voter. People with political parties can't maintain their objectivity.

even if he did conquer Eurasia, so fucking what?

And, yeah, I'm sensing you're definitely not an adult in the room.

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"im not a democrat, just aligned with democrats" and "doing what democrats want is a adulthood", let me guess, public school in democrat shithole?

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On Saidit, everyone thinks I'm aligned with Democrats. On Discuit, everyone thinks I'm aligned with Republicans.

When your brain has been infected by partisanship, anyone who isn't similarly infected feels like the enemy.

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sure thing brandon, now fuck off back to reddit with the rest of the garbage where you belong

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Yeah, using "Brandon" is a pretty clear sign that you have no interest in ever thinking for yourself. You'll just let your betters tell you what to believe. It's easier and it's more comfortable.

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"You'll just let your betters tell you what to believe." ironic coming from a democrat

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Not a Democrat.

Whereas you... just use whatever words your betters are using. As soon as Bill Posey and Greg Abbott and Jeff Duncan started saying Brandon, you were just clapping along like a trained seal.

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its a convenient way of refering to the senile child fucker braind dead democrat of joe biden, so why wouldnt i use it? or what? does that term bothers you, brandon?

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If you like sodomy and murder, you should be a democrat.

It you like treason and tyranny, you should be a republican.

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What if you like all four?

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the uniparty is pro war. the uniparty pushes vaccines. the uniparty hates you.

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trump didnt start a war during his term

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Trump ended wars because they were too costly.

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Trump is a real estate tycoon. He is bound to hate war because buildings get knocked down.

Also, seeing him with his son, I suspect that he might hate war because young men get killed.

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I made a similar point with a liberal friend lately. I was like why should we support a war in Ukraine? And they said "to stop the spread of totalitarianism." And then I asked if they thought we should've fought in Vietnam. They said no, and I asked how is this any different?

I honestly am amazed what's happened to the left. They now fully support Marxism. They support government control of information and speech. They support big pharma! That's wild! What happened? They are oblivious too. Like a frog in boiling water.

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It's NOT pro-war. It's to help Ukraine defend itself. Not that difficult to understand. Pro-war would be VERY different.

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Supply lines are valid targets in a war. Breaking them is often the most effective way to end the war. Having the US supply Ukraine with money, weapons, and intelligence IS putting us in a war and paints a target on the US.

The news and even Janet Yellen openly talk about us being in two wars... maybe three now.

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If it were an act of war, Russia could have attacked NATO countries. You can read about the history of providing aid to countries so that they could defend themselves. Why is this so difficult to understand? NATO agreed to help Ukraine with various forms of aid, which is obviously not an act of war. This has happened many times before, in other conflicts. When the US is officially at war with Russia, you'll know it.

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The left has never been anti war.

There have been a handful of people on the left who jumped on the chance to stand against obviously stupid wars and made their names on it but they are a tiny minority.

Usually it is the right who are isolationist

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The "left", "center" and other sane people are all anti war, ffs. Helping Ukraine defend itself is not pro war.

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Who gives a shit about ukraine? Within my lifetime it was an SSR, and before that, it was where the ethnic RUS came from. Invading Iraq was way more unjust than invading a buffer country you're ethnically and culturally connected to because the west/nato keeps fiddle-faddling with it....🤷‍♂️

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How much time to you have for an explanation?

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No amount of explanation will make me give a shit about ukraine. Let me explain to you about how provoking someone with nuclear weapons aimed at you is a terrible idea, full stop!

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Russia's not provoked

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ohhhhh, some guy on dollar tree reddit declares russia isn't being provoked. I'll alert the kremlin immediately.....war's over folks!

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why reply to a 5-day-old comment?

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(it took me that long to come up with that banger) 🤷‍♂️

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you help ukraine with your life and money, dont waste taxpayers dollar in some third world shithole on the other side of the world

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If you don't like NATO and want to remove the US from it, write to your congressperson. Putin and Trump also want the US to quit NATO. NATO countries are in NATO specifically to defend ithemselves and potentially their neighbors from Russian mass murder, mass displacement, rape, assult, invasion, complete destruction of cities, and much more, because we know the Russian government has no moral compass and will try to retake all former Soviet nations. NATO should help Ukraine with aid, as that's been their post-WWII mission. Without the support of the US, Ukraine (which is NOT 3rd world) would be Russian.

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i dont give a shit about russia doing anything to some european shitholes, if you want to aid ukraine get going to the front bitch, zelensky needs more meat for the grinder and you are gonna do just fine

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Why is your opinion important? Do you have an argument that is informative, significant, or reasonable? The politics of one person's 'what I don't give a shit about' isn't worth discussing.

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"Do you have an argument that is informative, significant, or reasonable?" do you?

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neither informative nor significant nor reasonable

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It's all three of those. Meanwhile, you've got nothing.

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We should let Russia invade their democratic neighbours because Putin has a pee pee tape of Trump.

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Indeed. Or the time Russian billionnaires paid Trump's $400 million Deutsche Bank debt, or that time when those who knew about this arrangement fell out of windows in Russia, or so many other examples of corruption that were normalized during the Trump presidency.

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Been that way since Obama. There were the iraq and afghan wars going and his supporters wanted him to end them. He sold out but no one wanted to criticize him or they'd be racist. They've been pro war since then. They hated that biden ended the afghan war.

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The CIA is now controlling most of the Democrats, probably via blackmail and frauds.
Israel and the military complex are controlling both parties via money.
All are invested in wars.

The CIA is also inciting wars from inside countries, which makes their puppets pro-war.
CIA has been causing the recent wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Iran, Ukraine, etc.

And they killed Kennedy (by hiring Corsica Assassins),
and destroyed the three WTC buildings (together with Mossad agents) after the military planes flew into two of them (following the Northwoods plan).

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"most of the Democrats, probably via blackmail and frauds." democrats dont need anyone to blackmail them into being human garbage, if something the democrats are controlling every federal institution

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Because the EvilOrangeMan® failed to fulfill his sacred responsibility to start WWIII as set out in the Sacred Talking Points handed on down from god or one of his many sales representatives.

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100% of mainstream in the US since 1910 fits with jewish interests.

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The left is fully pro current thing. Current thing is whatever the media says it is. The media is controlled by people who are pro war.

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They are in a cult