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Only a insulated lunatic would think it's ALL Jews. My high school ex-girlfriend scrapes together a modest living writing books about marketing. She doesn't control the world.

But there's one thing the conspiracy theorists have right that the ADL falls over itself to deny and just adds fuel to the fire. And that's that: nearly every American broadcast media corporation and bank is run primarily by Jewish people.

That's actually not entirely by their choice. In much of 18th century Europe, Jews were only allowed to do work that Christians considered unholy or undignified. That included moneylending and entertainment. No one likes a loan shark, and no one respects a clown. So the idea was: make the Jews do it, they're going to Hell anyway.

And when they immigrated to the United States to get away from that prejudice, they brought the family businesses with them. And continued to grow those businesses over the centuries. Which means that today Jewish people have disproportionate control over both 1) the money supply and 2) mass media, and therefore the news.

They aren't all colluding toward some master plan. That's conspiracy nonsense. But whenever any group has more power and control and luxury than their raw population numbers would suggest that they deserve, of course there's going to be resentment, and conspiracy, and anger.

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But. Nobody likes joos.

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Are you joking? The jews literally circumcised us all so they could turn us into their turbo-autistic accountant mega-slaves with mega-math powers and IT FUCKING WORKED. I'd give anything to have my foreskin back. Then maybe my fat cow of a wife would look at me instead of internet pictures of those curly-haired gremlins with their fucking sock dicks.

edit: okay she's my aunt but I'm fighting for all of our rights people!!

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You forgot to ask for a list of joos that lie and cheat.

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I edited. Number 4.

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Supreme Court of Israel rules the world. Bibi is a good guy trying to overthrow them. It's not all of them. But we should have a moratorium for a few decades and not let any Jews be in charge of media or Hollywood, that gives them an outsized influence. No more bribing politicians either.

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Bernie Sanders is at the forefront of getting the money out of politics and he's a jew.

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He endorsed Hillary in exchange for a new vacation home

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There's no proof of this

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Use common sense and logic don't rely on proof from MSM sources. Btw your name ties into this.

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your name ties into this

The Titanic was sunk by an iceberg, not a greenberg.

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While you're at it, why not add /r/niggers, /r/jailbait, and /r/incels to the list because it's about the same intelligence level as that.

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While you're at it, why not add /r/niggers, /r/jailbait, and /r/incels to the list because it's about the same intelligence level as that.

I disagree. Discussion of Jewish power leads to analysis of bribery/lobbying, organized crime, etc. Discussion of "jailbait" is not relevant. Discussion of African-American behavior is marginally relevant.

Furthermore, if you want to dismiss entire discussions because you think you are a fair judge of "intelligence level" then I want to see your calculations. The burden of proof is on the man who claims to be able to judge intelligence.

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Muh hurr durr stupid poopy pee pee head mean man.

How pathetic are you that you post shit like that without feeling humiliated? I don't have a problem with name calling when it is incidental and there is an actual argument somewhere, but I wouldn't be able to look my self in the mirror after posting a tantrum comment like that.

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The only one I see here crying is you for getting called out on your bullshit.

It's nothing more than shallow one-liner type posts that you twist as some sort of proof for your bias, but then backpedal and say "sTrAwmAn" when someone corners you with how ridiculous it is. It's the same type of brainrot as the political ragers who feel they have to constantly be mad and circlejerk over rigid political beliefs. But by all means, rage some more.

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Rachael MadCow, Mayorkus, and Garland belong on list 2. And the last two on list 4 also.

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Add those evil Jews at the head of the NIH and CDC for all the misery caused by the clot shots.

Rod Rosenstein is another evil Jew.

Zuckerberg is the face of Satan. Evil joo censor.

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Jews are generally smarter on average than most populations. People are envious retards and hate anyone smarter than them. Now just because you hate a group, doesn't mean you can act on this emotion, unless they the group you hate is very few in population making it hard to defend themselves in any given community(which jewish people are). Yes people really are this stupid and it really is that simple

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Brand new user, first post horseshit. Joined to spread propaganda.

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Jews are generally smarter on average than most populations. People are envious retards and hate anyone smarter than them.

The average IQ score in Israel is like 94, well below average.

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If he's referring to ashkanazi jews, he would be right as their average is about 110. The middle East in general is around 85, and there may be biases beyond genetics that influence the numbers like the cultural alignment of the tests or access to education. Still, whoever was the brains behind stuxnet was by no means a dummy.

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Does that include all the Muslims there

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kill yourself jew piece of shit

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You first. Also I'm not a Jew

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sure thing, jew piece of shit

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Ooh a troll. Hey, I made a post on s/asksaidit asking about how to troll. Would you mind offering input?

I want to better understand the science of pissing people off. You seem to have a routine, maybe you could offer advice.

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helping a jew? nah

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I have a buddy in Houston. He has liar joos next door.

When Hamas did their attack in Israel, I emailed him and asked if he had sympathy for Hamas since they both live next to joos.

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Hamas kills innocent jews though WTF? Who could possibly want those hamas?

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I wasn’t endorsing any sides in the “Hatfields versus McCoys” war in the Middle East. We got a good laugh out of the comparison.

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whites seethe seeing any nonwhite group succeed. they are a bitter disgusting group of demons.

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kill yourself nigger

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That's pretty much bullshit, and the only reason to say that is to foment racism where there was none.

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Well if whites are that barbaric, why am I (a white) trying to ask a question in peaceful terms and keep an open mind?

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Maybe you are a new age white

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It's like any one race/religion/etc. doesn't speak for the entirety of them. Understanding that is the antithesis to bigotry.

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That's just liberal indoctrination. We've all had it.

There is something to racial science. We pretend there's not because that is "bigotry."

Like Black people committing crimes. Social economic factors is a pretty obvious lie if you think about it. There's plenty of poor people of every race and they do not all tend towards criminality to the same extent.

Or their reputation for being dumb. I got nothing against black people, but if you haven't seen Black Twitter or Black People Internet in general... they say some straight up retarded shit. It's wild. Very entertaining tho. I don't know how I keep winding up on black people Twitter but it's a trip.

Anyways, it's a lot more socially acceptable to talk shit about blacks. You may get branded a racist but if you try to talk about Jews the liberal programming launches into full Shut it Down agents-in-the-matrix-style behavior. Ye and Elon Musk both found out the hard way there's one group of people you absolutely cannot shit talk.

You and u/Titanic are never going to change all that conditioning on one post, on any one comment. It's too deeply embedded. But eventually you start noticing things.

And as one might decide to avoid a black person in a dark alleyway at night, one might similarly prefer not to want Jewish influence and power.

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Just because the "lefty" reddit assholes misuse the term bigotry to mean anything/one they don't like doesn't mean it's lost all meaning.

People are pattern seekers and that way of thinking, through evolution, has helped us survive. But intelligence is realizing that there is more nuance to a situation than broad generalization. To become an emotional child and insist ALL jews/muslims/athiests/blacks/mexicans/whites/men/women/boomers/redditers/New England Patriots fans/etc. are evil because you had a bad experience with one shows you are thinking with the amygdalia instead of your prefrontal cortex. (Bit of brain knowledge to delve into, but I can expand if desired). More intelligent people don't let their amygdalia rush them i to rash decisions before thinking them through.

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It's not the enlightened take you think it is.

Generalizations are useful even if they don't apply 100% of the time. For instance, you wouldn't leave your wife in a room full of Indians just cause "TheY'Re NoT aLL RapiSTs." That would be foolish.

We can expect certain behaviors from a group based on the way the group tends to behave even if it is not always true of each individual member.

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I think we're on the same page for the most part. In which case there is always more context and granularity to the situation. If I see a younger black guy roughly dressed loitering in a dirty side of town, I'm gonna be nervous, as opposed if the same guy was well groomed with a suit and tie... then again, I could say that about the white guy/asian/mexican/whatever.... depending on context, location, etc. Also, I never heard of the Indians/rapists thing before. Do you mean American or India indians, and where did that come from?

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Red dot Indians not the American savages, although the natives are another topic most people have been sorely misled about.

It came from Indians being rapey. There's a few factors, like the imbalance of women to men, their dogshit culture, extreme poverty, and a low average IQ.

Interesting NY Times opinion piece In India’s Gang Rape Culture, All Women Are Victims:

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India has a caste system that separates people socially via their economic status. I wonder if this is more of a lower caste issue. Also idk whats with the racist tropes on almost everybody whenever a chance is given.. savages etc?. If you're trying to "trigger" me or who/whatever it's a waste of time. I'm not a fragile retarded cancel-vulture redditer like we have all come to know.

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It's not a racist trope. You've been taught there was a time people were racist and did and believed things because they were backwards, hateful, and ignorant, but now we're enlightened. We were all taught that.

It's not true tho.

For instance, the natives weren't noble and peace loving and at one with nature until the evil white man came and genocided them and stole their land. They were awful violent savages who very conveniently died off largely on their own to make room for European expansion. It's why people believed it was ordained by God for the new world to be conquered. It would have certainly seemed that way.

The modern retelling of history, at least at the surface level, is retconned bullshit.

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Furnish a list of Jews controlling the world

Counter-offer: Furnish a list of people whom you think have social power and influence, and I will check what percentage are Jewish.

Let's start with the US Congress. How many hold Israeli passports?

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Hopefully none of them, that should be a crime

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I don't think you have a basic knowledge of the demographic statistics of Jewish dual citizenship. Therefore I think your proposal for "Jew haters" to justify themselves to you is misinformed.

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Historically crypto Jews have been a problem, like how many were hiding they were Jewish so they could be elected ? Some are obviously Jewish but say they're not like John kerry

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Historically crypto Jews have been a problem,

The history of Catholic degeneration is full of cryptoJews.

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Yeah I'd respect t them if they just came out and admitted they were run by Jews