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Aside from your terminal case of misogyny there are plenty of men who "cannot get drafted" due to physical or mental reasons. Having a dick should not be a prerequisite to the right of being able to vote.

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hey buddy, reddit is the other website, not this one, got it? good, now fuck off

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Reddit would not have me so fuck right off yourself mate.

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sure thing, brandon, now again, fuck off back to reddit where you belong

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He's right go back to Reddit

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u/thomastheglassexpert is a solid dude.

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If anyone would care to study the era when Suffrage Rights were at full blast idea to gain all rights was that (1) women are not property or chattel of the State nor their husbands/fathers and (2) women are quite equal citizens and that the Constitution does not specify a mandate that a person have a dick in order to enjoy all the protections that document and the Bill of Rights offers. I lived and worked out to MENA for several years based in Dubai where in that entire women women are in fact the property of men and they had better act like it. "Subjugation" is the operative word that covers all aspects of life in the evil death-rape cult of muzzies.

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I don't think women should be property, but I also don't think they're exactly a boon to the democratic process. Estrogen is the enemy of logical rational thought, and women are more susceptible to social influence. Voting and decision making is a task I feel men are more naturally suited to.

But people telling you to 'go back to reddit' pisses me off, you've been a solid member of this site for years, and you make good contributions. I don't want to be in an echo chamber when everyone agrees with each other.

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This is a polite and welcome reply that took a bit of time and thought. Thanks for that.

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This isn't either, pal.

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"IncEl" what a reddit thing to say

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yes it should. Our downfall can be traced to women's suffrage. And OP is spot on, women don't have to register to the selective service, which is bullshit. drizzle drizzle.

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Overall people voted more conservative since women got the right to vote, and it's just that politicians always sell out once elected.

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Sneako's new account, I see.

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There hasn't been a draft in fifty years, and there probably won't be another: modern wars are fought by machines and their operators, not by conscripts with boots and rifles.

But if there were ever to be another draft... there's a very strong chance the government would decide "yeah, women have to go, too."

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if that was true zelensky wouldnt be lowering the age for men to be drafted, war needs meat

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If Ukraine's example ever teaches us anything, it's that when draft is restored, it will be in the form it was abandoned in with all the wonderful ideas of men of being subhuman disposable cattle destined for slaughter from 1940s and women not having to do shit because they are women.

However what you can absolutely sure is that it's mostly women will screech hysterically from their comfortable sofas how it's you are a pathetic loser, traitor and coward for not wanting to spill your intestines in the dirty trench. They will also be twice more loud when doing that from somewhere abroad.

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Well, contrary to the refrain of the Fallout series, war is changing.

That said, even if you believe that war never changes... there's a long history of soldiers returning home from battle, telling their wives to get their asses back in the kitchen where they belong, and hitting them in the fucking mouth if they disagree with that plan.

So maybe women shouldn't be too eager for an all-male draft.

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Ukraine and Russia are both using conscripts.

It's a lot better to fight with a professional army, but desperate times can lead to desperate measures.

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because democrats exist, thas why

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    you are a wise man

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    I doubt 6 different Saiditors voted on this dumb question

    Women could be drafted, if there were a draft

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    It would be pretty easy to dodge the draft these days. Our grandparents had to pretend to be crazy, break a limb, or move to Canada to get out of Vietnam, but now you could just go trans.

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    They let trannies in the military.

    If they're ever desperate enough to draft citizens they're going to ignore a whole lot of issues, even legitimate ones, unless you're wealthy and/or can pull some strings.

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    Ladies and gentlemen we have a winner! It's Musky by a landslide.

    When real problems come along the made up shit goes right out the window.

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    Draft doesn't really mean anything. People would care if war started and they drafted people. People would go awol and escape to Canada like during Vietnam. Voting doesn't matter either, they don't really count any votes.

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    If the war isn't an existential threat, then people won't support it. Vietnam was a perfect example of that.

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    Yeah it only matters if USA is attacked. Like people were ok getting drafted when pearl harbor was hit. Or most supported war right after 9/11 and many freely signed up but recruiting got harder when everyone realized it was a false flag.

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    I remember Obama talking about adding women to the draft. I guess that kind of equality didn't quite sit well with feminist he was pandering to...

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    Because feminists pushed for the right to vote, but interestingly kept their mouths shut when it came time to push for the right to be drafted.

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    A better question would be why anyone can vote at all. Ultimately, one is forced to accept the opinion of someone else via lethal force.

    Democracy is a ridiculously stupid idea (autocracy even more so).

    The fact democracy/autocracy even is popular shows what an extremely retarded world we live in. I think way too many people never consider alternatives even exist; if 1:1000 would even have read any literature of alternative systems in even their lifetime, it's probably a lot.

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    Because senators are raised to be Momma's boys. Good luck getting that genie back in its bottle.

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    Because voting doesn't lead to death. Biologically speaking, men are more dispensable than women.


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    It's true one man could impregnate 365 women a year or more

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    Yeah pretty much. I don't like the draft for men and don't find anybody dispensable, but if we reduce people to their biology...this is why it is.