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Part of it is religion and thinking Jesus will come back soon

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Because they have been brainwashed by the jews neverending victim complex

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Astroturfing probably accounts for a lot of it, and people eat it up not knowing the whole picture. A big part of war is the PR campaign to convince potential allies that they are the one who holds the moral high ground and it's the right thing to do. My thought is it's such a shitshow, I wouldn't want to get involved, but I know they all have certain cards to play to get the rest of the world sucked in.

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This - and - in the US - the long tradition of US involvement in 120+ military conflicts since the mid-19th century, some of which involving Israel (like Israel's photos and lobbying that caused 1 million+ inexcusable excess deaths in Iraq). Part of the answer to this question is the highly profitable US and European military industrial complexes that create wars and normalizes their activities through massive international news media companies.

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A lot of conservatives were conditioned to be pro-Israel after 9/11.

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It was long before that..they have always been this way.

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    They are pretty terrible

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    I don't really care about Israel, but the pro-Palestinian crowd seems like a bunch of butthurt losers to me. They hate Israel because Israel is a success and they aren't

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    Since the USA is the biggest financier of Israel's military, they are playing to US politics to get support. They assume rightwing=support Israel, so creating a left-wing=supports palestine movement might gather some sympathy from those who vote blue and blindly agree with everything they read someone tells them it's a left-issue, and it appeals to their bleeding heart. In reality, all parties in the USA support Israel the same, but play it like there might be a difference, like how you would play good cop/bad cop.

    Thing is, it's much more complicated than that. The "Pro Israel" bots will only say things that make them look good, while denying or playing the "whataboutism" card towards anything negative. The Palestine stuff is the same way.

    But reddit being reddit, 90% of those comments are probably bot-generated, and that's not even counting the fact most of them are [ removed ].

    Nobody can have a real conversation online about the nuance, complication, and the fact they're all both justified, and "war crime-ing (for lack of a better verb)" at the same time

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    100 years of brainwashing.

    No where in the bible says Christians should bow to jews (in fact it says the opposite), but all these zionist boomers will let you know that it does.

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    I'm not into either, so fuck the middle East

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    I don't know, I've seen a lot of anti-Zionist and borderline anti-Jewish hatred nowadays, even from the freaking SJW clowns.

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    I think it might be a bold new strategy from the Jewish elites, reverse psychology, they have woke black Harvard people being antisemitic. Right wing rural whites will see this and view antisemitism as a bad thing. They're the only threats to the Jewish elites since they're high iq and have guns. It's a risky strategy cuz left wingers and right wingers could unite like with national socialism but it's unlikely in this time of surveillance.

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    More like the true higher-ups don't really care about the Jews.

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    It's hard to deny the true higher ups are Jewish

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    The higher ups are all Ultra Catholic and anti-Semitic.

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    They might have some reasons!

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    Some believe Israel has to build the third temple and summon their antichrist messiah with blood sacrifices before Jesus returns.

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    americans are the most brainwashed people in the world

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    Demoralization. They believe they need to so they live without repercussions of speaking the wrong thing.

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    Nope. You're all wrong. It's fairly simple, they have mastered the art of gaining undue influence by propagating a perpetuate victim complex ever since WWII. For one, America is in debt to them. I say America but I mean "America" because it has already been covertly overtaken by them over time. Know how the great depression happened in 1930s? Well, they are in all seats of power, all bank CEOs, political ranks, military ranks, and they work as a pack. When the ADL declares a boycott, or for all the boys to pull their shares out of the stock market at once, the economy goes bye bye. That, and they have accommodated more nooks than any other country, and they are bat sh-t crazy

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    The 6 million jews BS has forced idiots into loving the terrorist. Hitler tried to clean up the world.

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    Israel is similar to the united states because it is a white colonialist project in the middle east so it has a lot of supporters among boomer retards.