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I think the main reason Eugenics never takes off is because the application of it is, almost universally and by necessity, monstrous. In theory you can look at it and say: "Well, if we just ask people with genetic markers that suggest their child would have a serious disability to adopt instead of breed, we'll be fine"... But what do you do to enforce that law? If someone has a child without your permission, do you kill it? Do you kill babies and then claim to be the good guy? Do you make the parents impotent and barren? Do you chemically force a person to be unable to breed with anyone else under any circumstances and then give yourself a gold medal? Do you just lock the parents up, and if you do, do you just toss the kid into the foster care system? Do you effectively orphan a child and ruin it's life in the name of not creating children who will have ruined lives?

If you don't do one of these things, do you have a law in place at all? There's no repercussions and nothing stopping people from disobeying. You basically have a very strong suggestion.

So in order to perform Eugenics you, essentially, have to start by agreeing to be a monster, even if you're doing it with all the best intentions, and once you're considered a monster, people will want to take away your authority to continue doing what you're doing, and now you have to be an even greater monster if you want to continue by doing it against the will of the people. That means tyranny.

There aren't a lot of people who will sign up to be hated and reviled and almost inevitably removed from their position unless they are willing to try and become a tyrant who rules through violence knowing that it's liable to end poorly for them even if they had the absolute best of intentions... And then there's also the aftermath:

Okay, so you're in power and you're passing down laws to decide who can and cannot breed. You're doing it because you love humanity and you want it to have a bright future free of certain diseases, mental illnesses and deficiencies of thought that you've identified are passed down genetically. You're the Knight Of Infinite Resolve and you're doing your thing... But when you retire, or are killed, or just leave power some other way, what about the next guy? With this law of breeding in place, what if he just decides: "Well hell, I just really hate the Koreans and their KPop bullshit, and also people with that frizzy hair crap. Those guys can't have babies now."?

In theory it seems straight forward, but in practice it's a minefield and it never ends well. It's like Communism. If I said to you: "Let's all just share everything. That way if the country is doing well, we're all doing well, but when we all need to pitch in, there aren't people who are still doing great and others who are suffering!"... But then you end up with a Citizenship Score and your husband is the in the gulag for thinking out loud and the mayor is living in a mansion with a different car for every day of the week while you get rationed a single turnip per working family member and you come to understand that things which seem good in theory can be much more difficult to action once 7.5 billion other people all get involved by being alive and having their own wants and desires... Damn them!

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When you ask if the person promoting eugenics if they would enforce a law to get society to be a society that is ran by eugenics you make a good point by pointing out just how much wrong someone would be doing if they where to put any strong Law in place to make sure eugenics is the only way people are aloud to reproduce. If someone had no say in wether or not they could be reproduce and were forced to be sterilised there would be a high chance of that someone disobeying the sterilisation law. To get to the point faster most people would disobey laws about eugenics this would just cause the authority figures to be in a position where they would go through more of an effort to get people to obey eugenics laws. People would find the authorities attempts at trying to get people to obey eugenics laws and extremely unpleasant because the authorities trying to get people to obey the eugenics laws would invade the privacy off people who don’t obey eugenics laws they’d even send the disobedient people to sterilisation centres against their will. Pregnant lady’s would be in a constant state of stress of eugenics laws where I place because they’d have authority’s going after them to force them to have abortions if they got pregnant from someone who was not aloud to impregnate people on the basis of how the eugenics laws would favour who gets to reproduce while being in place to forbid other people from reproducing.

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The list of people who have historically attempted Eugenics doesn't do much to help its case either. As soon as you start suggesting things that the Nazis thought were banger ideas, people shy away.

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the first thing they did with ChatGPT is to make it anti-white. Their goal is not to solve problems

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And get what, Khan Noonien Singh Musk? Didn't you watch the show?

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The elites don't want a bunch of geniuses, they want the opposite. Main reason they decided to stop the nazis, after setting them up.

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Because all of you are lazy moronic pieces of shit. If you weren't, you would support my Arkian project which is designed to do this.

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Because no level of IQ can overcome stupid.