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Yeah, it's been giving me infinite CAPTCHA loops also.

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m7 is firm on not switching it off though:

I'm spending probably half-hour per day on those fucking captchas :( (using Tor)

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I can never finish a captcha through tor.

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Well, works for me, I'm here for 1.5 years, using only Tor. But yeah, there was a period (6 months ago? a year?), when it was pretty bad, you could try for 10-20 minutes and still couldn't get past check. Now it's 2-5 cycles of reloading at most (but it's once per each fucking 5 minutes!)

UPD I also do "New Tor circuit for this site" a lot, maybe you didn't try that.

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If it doesn't work, I'll change exit nodes, and might get one. But it's slowwww.

I tried it for reddit, and any new account gets instantly shadowbanned, and you will have to appeal through the lesser used admin's appeal panel and they will lift it, but at that point, you have to karma whore immediately to bump it up to about 100 karma, because just a few downvotes gets you shadowbanned again.

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I was told anything that isn't Chrome or Edge would block the site that badly. Chrome maybe, but there's nothing in the world that can get me to use Edge; literally the worst browser ever made. I'd sooner use Internet Explorer than Edge, or Bing. Besides using Chrome or Edge, nothing else can improve performance.

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I already asked them this. The site owner adamantly said "No." Guess we're stuck with this fucking "reload literally every sixty seconds" shit for the foreseeable future. Me having to use this fucking site with two tabs open all the time, and having to reload the second one and click that motherfucking tiny captcha box, just for it to not unblock the site anyway about 1/3rd of the time after doing it. ...Seriously; it's literally every fucking 60 seconds for me the site is blocked. I have to type all my thoughts at once, then reload the second tab and go through the Cloudflare strap-on fucking before I can actually Save or Submit anything on here. Even with Ublock Origin turned off.

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This is the only guy I am happy is inconvenienced by cloud flare cause he's kind of a bitch.

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He keeps threatening to leave, but just like anything else he says, he will never be about it. Too bad.

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/user/magnora7 can you try Immunify360 instead of CF ? It works works better on some sites I visit. I dont know about pricing though.

If the problem is just spam, can you protect the "write side" with CF but remove CF for the "read side" example by using a different subdomain for the writes "" and protect it with CF all while keeping the root "" without CF?

It would at least allow unlimited browsing without captcha. Just captcha for posting/replying.

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u/Magnora7 u/Zapped
Can we have a post discussing this problem pinned somewhere so that we can have accretive dialogue for iterative plan-do-check-act (PDCA) cycles to solve this, rather than endless ephemeral chatter but no resolution?

Edit - May 2, 2024:
My SaidIt account has been locked.
Please note that I am not associated with 'Edward' nor the spammers trying to destroy SaidIt.
I am here purely to discuss solutions - that's it, that's all I am for.
My proposals to date for SaidIt re: the spam bots do not involve web development, but to quarantine them, to free up and more efficiently use limited Mod resources, including both your time.
Having said that, I am fine if SaidIt continues as is without any changes on the spam bot issue - it is your call to make.
I just want a place to say my truth. Afterall, SaidIt, is a place to 'say your truth', is it not?

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The solution is the current state. There will be no changes as what we have is the best we can do without investing a lot more time, and I'm not willing to change the code anymore because I don't want to break our existing systems. Stop asking me about it please, it's not going to change.

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We should ask the ceo of cloud flare, that's who runs the site now not magnora

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Did Magnora7 get this taken care of for you? I must have been on a break when you sent this. I am not able to lock or unlock accounts at this time.

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    Welcome back Jason! I hope you stick around. I know you have your differences with m7 but this isn't the way, he doesn't talk that way about you.

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      I agree that decentralization is the way forward. I'm on a few lemmy instances, although the lemmy community has it's own issues. Also tried out Nostr but the experience at this point leaves something to be desired.

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      funny because i never have to do any of that shit.

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      cia ip ranges are whitelisted by CF

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      I imagine it targets the smartest, least woke people, hoping they give up on the site.

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      Here's a proposal that would effectively quarantine and harness bot traffic for the benefit of the site.
      A win-win solution for all.

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      It only takes me 3 clicks to log in, in the past it took 1 click. Wonder if saidit and reddit is at war because both sites is a pain in the ass now.