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I might learn some hacking skills so I can turn the blonde you're trying to fuck into a black guy mid blow who bites your cock off.

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I often think that with sex robots of the future, some hacker troll is going to do stuff like that.

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Do you think sex robots of the future will require an always on connection? Maybe a subscription fee?

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They will run on windows 18 IoT edition, along with your toaster, coffee maker, and dishwasher. They will all have a persistent always-on 6G-Simcard that will likely brick the device if you disable unless you know what you're doing. Now things like telemetry and keyloggers? "lol I don't know what you mean"

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Thrust logger??

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I mean, anything that's hackable usually gets hacked hahhahahaha.

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But just imagine your Reily Reid sex robot suddenly turning into turning into eddie murphy mid-thrust, wrestles you around, and starts butt-raping you while mocking your screams for help as the donkey "hee haww!" from shrek. The perp never gets charged because you're too embarrassed to tell anyone, and you notice everybody else is a bit grumpy and jumpy the next day, too.

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This is exactly what I'm proposing. Hahahahahahaha

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Nah. Freedom to have fun and be happy, even in a fake virtual reality, is considered "problematic, homophobic, transphobic, and ableist," dontcha know? Zuckerberg, Musk, and Gates would never allow it, cause even Brave New World had Soma.

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I don't see it being much different to prostitution. On the surface of it, there will be people who can't distinguish between a hooker telling them that they are amazing in bed and genuinely sexy, but even those who can't tell will still know that this isn't the real thing and will feel that lingering feeling of being unfulfilled. When you're turning your lover off for the night and washing their detachable vagina and she says: "Entering Power Saver Mode", odds are you'll be asking yourself: "Did my cock really hit her cervix and make her cum harder than she's ever cum before, or was she just programmed to say that?"...

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That's not too different from the plot of 2009's "Surrogates".

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This could be ultimately damaging, as people would not want to leave their fantasy world, and be even less adjusted to the real world than what covid isolation caused.

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The video-chat version of that is already pretty much here, and in less than ten years it'll actually be good.

But the progress of VR is still pretty difficult to predict. So far we haven't even come close to replicating any senses other than sight and hearing. Simulating touch might require some kind of mind-machine interface, and that technology could be more than a century out.

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Simulations designed to feel indistinguishable from reality are probably closer to a century away than they are to a decade away I’d say your right about how far away we currently are from having the technology to make simulations indistinguishable from reality. The simulation technology we have today is in its infancy. The comparison between the simulation tech today and the simulation tech in the future would be like comparing a wheel from thousand years ago to an advanced car today. To conclude what I’m talking I’d say that by today’s standards simulations designed to be indistinguishable from reality are science fiction concept that can be regarded as a possible futuristic technology by those who make the optimistic bet on people being able to pull of the production of simulations designed to feel indistinguishable from reality in the future.

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When simulations come I will talk with Morgan Freeman and Keanu Reeves.

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Virtual not reality

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we could have it irl if white faggots weren't so pussywhipped