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Cheetah should pay for all of it. It should be his penance for his retardation.

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I'm not making any changes to the cloudflare so stop asking.

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As you command.

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Earlier today Cloudflare gave me an error:

Please unblock to proceed.

I turned off my ad blocker. The error continued. I changed browsers. The error followed me there. I tried connecting using my phone instead of a PC. The new error was there. I went to another website that also has the Cloudflare blockade turned on, and the error was there also. So it was not only Saidit. It was Cloudflare. Then the error mysteriously stopped at both websites.

Perhaps being a paid member of Cloudflare would help, but I don't like them being the middlemen. It reminds of having to pay "protection money" to the mafia.

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It reminds of having to pay "protection money" to the mafia.

It's basically like this. And if I turn it off, it will destroy this website with spam. So it's basically exactly like that. I hate it.

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I'll give you $3.50

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Not sure that the Pro Plan will solve the problem BUT

That's why I say no. Much of this site's userbase is the other reason why. I like it here cause it's a free speech(ish) platform, but I'm not going to pay someone to be called a "Jew" or "Nigger" by a bunch of psychos.

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Nobody calls you that. I thought you didn't like snowflakes?

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The problem with a "free speech" platform is that people value their anonymity, and that brings both good and bad with it. Unfortunately, making it pay-per-view would have to introduce doxxy payment methods.

Also, history shows that people are not willing to pay a small amount for such things, as sites for free e-mail/social media flourish, while paid ones remain tiny and obscure. Does anyone remember SomethingAwful?

I wonder if running a site with a crypto-currency protocol baked in would be possible. Basically pay the equivalent of a few pennies over a blockchain verification to make your post/comment go through. That could slow down bot-spam, and make it easier to regulate/block certain addresses if they even find it worthwhile to buy a chunk of crypto to do it. Even have those posts signed as a way to verify who someone is, as only they would hold the private key.

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No. He's lying about the reason.

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    Perhaps, I don't know what exactly is going on but definitely lying for some reason.

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    Pure speculation. Care to expound?

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    It is, and I don't know the reason. But he says it's to stop bots and it obviously doesn't. And got angry when asked about it.

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    He didn't say it stopped it all, but cut down on the spam and it was unmanageable otherwise.

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    I think he lied about that, I didn't notice a change and in fact we have more Bots now, turning it off for a short time now would prove it, I also asked where the canary is and he got furious. Out of character for him.

    My theory is it's part of dead internet, they don't want to just shut down all sites like this right away, would make people suspicious, just make it annoying so we willingly stop going to sites like this.

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    The only thing that would prove the amount of bot spam are server logs.

    Also, if the canary is dead, it probably means they got subpoenaed for info and issued a gag-order (or made a backroom deal for cash or something). Probably not a big concern unless you're being such a big idiot doing harmful stuff that they want to give up their cover to apprehend you. You're safe telling the usual epithet-loaded jew hating, black hating, mexican hating ragebait.

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    I miss reading 7 different posts about bone Conducting headphones