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Here we are again with the word narcissist being used by someone who truly believes he's in some sort of club of virtuous people that only 200 hundred people on the whole planet can join. Well, sorry, 199, fschmidt is the vice president of handjobs of this little club.

Here we are again with a tiny shortround talking about masculinity and courage, yet he doesn't even have the wherewithal to have discussion with anyone, on an ANONYMOUS message board.

Masculinity doesn't really include pining over women marvel characters either, just so you know.

You left out snowflake this time? Why, have you finally realized how much projection you're using when you use that word? If so, keep working on it, you've got a pretty large handful of other words you need to get to this point on.

You've blocked two thirds of the board! You can't even hold a conversation ANONYMOUSLY and you have the audacity to talk about courage? You are such a special little twink.

How do you type these things and not feel shame and disgust?

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When women rate all women 10s and practically all men 3s and 4s that is the definition of narcissism. There is no shortage of delusional takes from women all over social media. Women literally believe that women are just as strong as men. They literally believe a world run by women would be a utopia when the reality is that society would completely collapse like that episode of survivor showed. That is the correct word to describe modern western women.

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That's not my point. My point is that cheetah is a disingenuous and audacious person for using the word. He does so without a mirror. And I'm not going to stop pointing it out.

Also, women don't do anything all the time. That's speaking in absolutes, which is never a good idea. It's not reality. My GF knows women are tarded and even says it out loud. She exemplifies zero behavior explained above, and she was born here and raised here. She also respects everything I do and bring to the table.

This isn't about women. It's about cheetah.

He can speak for himself whenever he decides to stop being a pussy.

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Just because that's you, doesn't mean it's everybody. I believe the forum you're looking for to loath in your own self-pity is /r/ incels.

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Nah, I'm steering clear. I'll take your word for it.

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Good choice lol

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That's not "me." The World Economic Forum admitted a drastic decrease in population is what they actually want.

And they actually have the means to influence social media trends like promiscuity, hating family and children, and promoting divisiveness among each other.

Maybe the title came off too negative; it's hard to fit specific words into a single title, but this has nothing to do with "incel talk." What parts do you exactly disagree with?

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You come across with very Intel vibes. Most people don't frame such things so negatively.

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They want children but only with Chad

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Chad = 7 foot $1M a year salary big dick man.

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Breeder's Revenge.

We are in a long-term flush of society, will probably last ten or so generations. We were bred to trust government because for a thousand years it was good for your survival. Now we are on a two-hundred year run for the opposite direction, and only those with severe skepticism will breed enough to matter.

There will be a huge contraction and/or multicultural schemes to keep the pyramid going, but it will always lead to worse and worse conditions. In general, those that do not trust higher positions will live more, and have more kids. Its going to become very, very ugly and will never improve for certain until a new way of life is promoted and proposed.

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The extinction of modern scum. The Amish and religious Muslims will do fine. Praise God, the god of evolution.

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Decline, surely. Not extinction.

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The world population is being reduced on purpose. My most optimistic take is that the people doing it have everything under control and will succeed in creating the better world they hope to create by culling the majority of people and leaving only the cream of the crop. That it only looks like white genocide because white people being the most intelligent need the most effort to kill off. But when the white population is culled they will do what is happening in Palestine everywhere else

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Sorry - this is not an accurate judgement of women, men, interests in kids, and extincton. If you want to discuss economic conditions reducing the number of couples who can afford to have kids, I think that's an important discussion. If you want to discuss the impact of online activites on the social difficulties between men and women, I'd agree that's important.

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Tell me more.

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Whereas I appreciate that you have these concerns, as many of us do, in order to setup a discussion about them, your audience needs to see information that they can believe. The question is worded in absolutes that aren't believable, though there are - I agree - trends in those directions. Saiditors are for example concerned about a reduction of birthrates of whites, while there is an increase in the birthrates of non-whites.

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I'm sure there's a reduction of birthrates across the planet, even (and especially) in Japan and South Korea, two places that have strong conservative leanings and care about family and traditionalism. Economy and work culture is a strong reason why Asia is suffering, but in the West, it's due to 1) selfishness and anti-family lifestyles being promoted to the youth, 2) the need to work until death, and 3) gender wars; the push to masculinize women and feminize men, which has been ongoing for the past twenty or so years, especially with the push of LGBT-etc. culture and feminism. And third-world countries just have the standard low income, high crime problems with their population.

So it's happening almost everywhere. The stupid Saidit thing is only focusing on the "whites" and not the bigger picture here, and the ones pulling the strings leading to this now being the norm, even outside the West. A few years ago, I wouldn't have believed in a slow-down, or complete stand-still, of births happening to the human species, but it's become hard to deny at this point.

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Indeed - in Japan and S. Korea there is a reduction - though there are massive population increases in Africa, South Asia and China that are expected to continue for decades.

The stupid Saidit thing is only focusing on the "whites" and not the bigger picture here, and the ones pulling the strings leading to this now being the norm, even outside the West.


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though there are massive population increases in... South Asia and China

No. China is having one of the biggest drops in population, in the world, due to the One Child Policy, aborting millions of baby girls leading to a huge overpopulation of (single, incel) Chinese men, COVID policies and housing market super-corruption wrecking their economy, and general hyper-incompetence from the Chinese Communist Party; a group that would be destructive if they weren't so astronomically stupid.'s%20total,trajectory%20is%20far%20from%20unique.

China wouldn't even still be a functioning country if not for the fucking moron Western corporations fueling their economy and investing in their slave labor. I'm not sure about the other east Asian countries, but Japan and South Korea are having massive population declines as well.

And as I said in another comment (and title of this post,) the West is screwed due to gender wars, identity politics, the economy, and selfish attitudes being promoted onto young people. Because of all of this, the only country that might actually come out on top is India, which is just now catching up to the rest of us in the 21st century and nearing a population of one billion. They also have a strong emerging tech industry building up. The US and West will recover if the woke BS can be purged, but the US will never be a superpower again for as long as billionaire assholes keep fucking up the country's education and job markets (not to imply I'm anti-capitalist or anything, but they do 100% rig the game in their favor and screw over everyone else to keep all the profit and opportunities to themselves.) As of right now though; the West's future is as fucked as most of the rest of the world.

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I see - China's data has been updated - showing a decline that's projected. My mistake.

African and South Asian population increases - due to severe income inequality - are still a major concern.

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We are being exterminated with hormone disrupting pollution. It is in our foods, our cloths, our furniture, our housing material, our water, and just everything. Everything is flooded with endocrine disrupting chemicals; microplastics, BPA, and tons tons more.

It reminds me of the earlier Batman plot, where the joker was manufacturing many products and poisoning them. Yet, it was only if you used the wrong combinations of those products, did the serious impact hit.

In our situation, all of our products are so poisoned that you have avoid it.

When you pollute the population so much that they start mutilating their genitals and becoming undeniably afflicted with other signs of long term poisoning, your first low-effort attempt to dodge liability is to pretend they chose this and this is just who they are.

We tend to forget that endocrine disruption doesn't just bend your gender, cause people to have emotional instabilities, violent outbursts, and struggle to function in society and learning difficulties. These disruptions to our fundamental hormone balances cause serious medical problems and health problems. Loosing your masculinity is the least of your problems. This impacts your blood sugar your thyroid, cause serious organ problems and large increases in cancer risks.

Yet, this is clearly a long term plan. We are being systematically exterminated. They activated the last steps of whatever this plan is. We have only to worry what the end of the plan is, while we frogs slowly boil.

Some things might just be a well intention mistake, or simple greed, such as corners cut, but somethings are very obvious attacks on the public.

The spike protein was well known to cause infertility, since we've been growing them from the old SARS-2 in bovine liver cells. These proteins after being modified for Covid, bind readily to ACE2. The most plentiful of which are male hormones. This means that Covid and the vaccine are likely to reduce testosterone in men, long term. The flaws in CRISPR that make it too dangerous to use on humans, creating random DNA scaffolding trash and flawed RNA transcriptions, which are well known for generational infertility in test animals. We've known this for decades, but this and similar techniques were used to create covid vaccines. We were told they had solved this problem, but they lied and simply used all the under-tested new techniques thought to slightly help against this. They crammed every one they could find together blindly and just crossed their fingers.

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white people are going extinct based races are doing great

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Don't worry the Muslims and Mexican gangs will rape and impregnate their DNA in white women. White people will become extinct.

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EDIT: Okay, "drastic decrease of billions from the current global population" instead of "extinction."

You may have written this with a rhetorical intention, but it's actually significant. If it really gets to that point, culture will change and people will start making more children again. We aren't predictable animals who behave according to a set of instincts. We're reasoning and adaptable creatures, that's what got us at the top of the food chain in the first place.

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This sidesteps the real problem: a shortage of drugs. Mind-altering substances and paraphernalia should be freely available if we are to have any hope of evolving as a society. Nothing imparts courage quite like a mystery amphetamine- especially when combined with the enhancing effect of alcohol. All adults should be subject to random testing and those whose systems are clean, given a choice: prison or meth.

Studies have conclusively shown that when faced with the undeniably bold and chemically-induced masculinity, females will lose their narcissism in hopes of getting knocked up by a turbocharged supermale.

There really is a meth head to this madness and I for one and glad this important topic has been brought up. As a society we cannot ignore the negative impact that drug unavailability has on civil society.