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The real reason is they want to go viral, which is understandable.

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So, they just want attention, period?

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I think that's part of it, sure.
Kids do stupid stuff when they are young. In the 60's it was getting high and wearing overly-dyed clothes and screaming "Stop war!" at people who had been drafted and returned home from a war they didn't want to fight. In the 90's it was dressing in black and wearing chains and claiming you were going to summon a demon at your friend's house while listening to music that contained human screams as the backing. Now it's pretending to be a super special type of person and being personally offended by anything and everything...

... But there's a difference now. There's social media.

Where as, if you wore 6 inch soled boots and dyed your hair black and got a lip ring in the 90's your parents just rolled their eyes at you until, one day, seeing that nobody gave a fuck about your favourite band, you just kinda... Washed off all the make up and got a job... Now if you say you're one of the meaningless, special types and complain, companies and governments bend over backwards for no reason at all. People call you brave and beautiful, you get likes and retweets, people attack the people who say you're wrong for you, they make laws to protect you from people actually saying facts to your face and people who dare to challenge you can lose their jobs... Where as hippies had next to no power, this is a massive step up for fads and crazes. We're talking about something so meaningless it actually impacts less than 1% of the population, but businesses are making ads about it and calling their paying customers rude names if they don't like the ad.

With that kind of power suddenly thrust into the hands of someone so stupid that they wake up and think: "I'll just call myself a boy today. Why not?", these kinds of things are inevitable. They are already the kind of people who get caught up in trends, it's just that these trends usually resulting in mostly negative outcomes. Now they are rewarded in large scale and news reporters call them heroes... If you're the kind of person easily addicted to social pressure, and that social pressure is constantly telling you that you're great... It's all downhill.

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College students are easily manipulated, and susceptible to first-instinct fallacy.

If they can get them rallying behind some cause on the other side of the world, or some random ragebait, they get stuck on it, and the government doesn't have to worry about them fighting the forces that are screwing them over in their own country. Especially if any legitimate cause can get infiltrated and discredited. (Remember OWS?)

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infinite craft plunges players into a vast, procedurally generated universe, teeming with possibilities. From towering mountains to sprawling oceans, dense forests to barren deserts, every corner of this virtual realm is ripe for exploration.

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Aside from Muslims, who I'm sure do have some part in the protests/riots, I think it's mostly communists just looking for an excuse to wreck shit.

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They were probably protesting against the US's support for genocide abroad as well as their own university's financial support of those genocidal governments abroad. (The clear genocides against Gaza and East Ukraine)

They are dismissed with simple gas lighting, refer to them as racist anti-Israel protesters or pro-Hamas, send in the paid agent provocateurs to bear-spray and beat the peaceful protesters with metal pipes, while the police watch, then swoop in with the riot gear, with gas, high power water guns, bean bags, and every almost nonlethal tool possible, intending to send a message....don't cross the genocidal foreign influences who control the US police, politicians, and universities.

It's the same strategy every protest. Protesting is no longer safe, protected, or effective in the US. If you see an affective protest in the US, and they aren't being murdered with impunity with black-clad professionals, then you can know for sure it was paid for and sanction by those who control the murderous protest smashing-companies who popped up after the protests against the bankers. You know the protesters are fake paid people.

We are all open-pen slaves to bankers, whom control us with regulatory and financial influence. They farm humans, force them to labor, then usurp their wealth. It is just modern slavery. The US Dollar is Unconstitutional and the US Government was not permitted to form a fiat currency. Debt is not a backing, rather a sick joke to pretend it is. Gold and silver was enshrined in our government to protect us from such slavery.