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While I don't discuss this with anyone, I sometimes fear/suspect that I died on around April 27th 2013 following a large overdose. Events since then have been unusually fortunate. I'm in a successful relationship, married, good job, financially stable, generally successful in most thongs i attempt. It is bizarre. Very odd feelings of déjà vu and a sense that nothing is really real at times. It's been like this ever since then.

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I feel the same way. Some days I think I died on the operating table in 2021 during my aortic valve replacement. My life has been on a steady incline upwards since then. Better job, finished college, made more friends , saved money. Ultimately I think what it is might be the fact that you start appreciating life more and in turn you feel better about yourself which leads to you being better to yourself and everyone around you. But I don't know shit about life, psychology or anything really. However regardless I hope you continue to find success, experience love and acceptance and cherish every day you have.

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One time I went into work and my co-worker said "How are you doing" and I said "The only thing holding me up is the knowledge that it's all absurd."

I felt very satisfied by that answer. So satisfied that I still remember it.