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Ignore their existence and don't give them any attention whatsoever.

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But doesn't that let them keep infecting everything?

Speak out ---> give them the jollies because they love being abused because it gives them a reason to spew hatred at you

Don't speak out ---> They spread their hatred and bigotry unchallenged through our schools, institutions and municipalities

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If you ignore them, then they have no power. The only ones that are hard to ignore are the ones trying to force this crap into society, as in, the big corporations and Blackrock through ESG. Those people you can simply boycott and let them financially bleed out, which is exactly what every sane decent person has been doing for the past five years. The attention-desperate assholes however, are best left ignored. They aren't significant or valuable enough to waste your finite time on.

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I see. Go after the generals and not the privates (pun intended.)

What about demented politicians? How do we handle those?

"I'm state senator Jim Bill and I think we should make an official festival of coring your dick out and wearing a dress"

Do we walk up to the state capital and say: "NO THAT'S INSANE."

It's hard to vote them out, because usually that means you are voting IN a maga insurrectionist.

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Avoid the companies sponsoring the events and spread the word so that other boycott them as well.

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Which companies are good and which are bad?

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Take a look at the companies listed as sponsors of gay parades.

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Prayer. Seriously, I think that's the best way to fight it. Private prayer and fasting.

And I agree with Mcheetah, ignore them. Treat them like everyone else. Don't stare, don't get mad, don't gawk. Just ignore.

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This might work.