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Yes, I don't even have a car.

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Same. I'm in Melbourne Australia, and we have an extensive Public Transport network ranging from Trams (Trolley cars I think you Seppos call em?) Busses and Trains. They are still building on em too, still can get from one side of the sprawl to the other with relative ease.

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I heard that Melbourne has a really good public transport.

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Heh, guarantee you heard that from a tourist, locals always bitch about it. Personally I've had few complaints bout it in the 2 decades living here, and as I don't drive inside it near daily.

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I live in Seattle and honestly didn't get my first driver's license and car until last year at the age of 29.

My work pays for either a bus pass or a parking pass so I use the bus. Traffic sucks so much and the bus has bus lanes for the worst of it.

Had to get the car because my wife was pregnant with our second kid and trying to take both of them on the bus just wasn't going to work.

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Yes; my favourite method of transport here in Pasadena is the Gold Line, although some places I go to, like my school, are in vanpools, since they are in sections of Los Angeles county that don't have such good public transport.

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I've used public transit everywhere I've lived -- Seattle, San Francisco, Kansas City, and Wisconsin.

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My area is notoriously awful with public transport. I would completely switch over to train/bus if it was feasible, but usually getting to either option makes the trip slower, more expensive, and overall a pain in the ass.

I lived in Oslo for about 5 months once. After experience the t-bane is was a real eye opener. Public transport is the way to go!

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I use it. My area is OK for public transport. Its been lacking in some areas but if you can get to a bus line then you can get to nearly everywhere. you still need a car for bulk shopping and for the areas that the bus lines don't quite reach.

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A bit of a late reply, but I thought I'd offer my apparently unique experience!

Public transportation in the Western States is severely lacking. My city doesn't have any form of trains/subways, and our buses...leave a lot to be desired. Your home could be miles from the closest bus stop.

Everything is so spread out here that it's unlikely that most people live within walking distance of their work.

So, I drive my car everywhere.