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Uh, because there's next-to-nobody here yet.

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Also, I'm getting that "You're doing that too much" message and I. Just. Fucking. Got. Here. If they want to grow this site they need to allow people to interact with it at their own pace.

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I use reddit for porn.

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Hey man, gotta get booty from somewhere amirite? Reddit has some pretty good porn too.

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Content... There is still useful info on /r, it is just harder to find before it is censored, and it's not worth getting banned or censored by commenting on it.

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Exactly this! We have to find a way to get more people here.

What do you think about reposting stuff from reddit here, so people have a space where they can discuss stuff without fear of being banned?

I'm not talking about the illegal stuff, but the topics where the redditmods delete posts because it doesnt fit their opinion.

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I don't think there is any problem re-posting from anywhere as long as it is an item of interest. As /r continues to self-destruct and collapse into their corporate cesspool of censorship, more people will seek alternatives. With more interesting content, there will be more participants, and when the participants can speak freely without fear of being summarily and arbitrarily silenced, there will be more discussion. Choice is good.

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Because there are discussions with more than 4 comments on them. Chicken and Egg problems.

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Some of the few communities there that haven't been overrun with the usual crap and have no counter part here. I'll slowly move here completely as activity picks up.

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Fandom subreddits that aren't on here yet, that also have larger followings on reddit.

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Not enough content here yet.

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Because from what I can see Saidit is more of an extension not an alternative. No disrespect to the site and site creators they have done a good job, but people are people. Voat is one way, don't want to go that way. But so far there really isn't an opposite end of the spectrum yet. And if it does exist or comes into existence it will probably be small and won't last very long. genuine things like that rarely do.

But having said that, I like Saidit and recently joined, I've been a reader longer before I made the decision and I feel comfortable here. If Reddit disappears or goes completely into the tank this is a viable and legitimate refuge. IMO

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imo the opposite of Voat is Raddle

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Still moderating Indonesian subreddit, but I will make an Indonesian subsaidit next week.

And some of them are aware of Saidit but they inclined to stay on Eddit.

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The Doom sub and a few other gaming communities. I haven't seen anything like that on here yet, but I'm still pretty new here.