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Because Reddit is overrun with authoritarian racist SJW fascists, and Voat is overrun with racist white nationalist fascists. I don't believe in fascism of either form, and I can't stand obnoxious authoritarians telling me to shut up and get in line. Because I am at heart a liberal in that I value free expression, free association, and reason.

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Thank you for pointing out how hypocritical and racist the far-left is! I feel so bad for leaning toward liberal when I see these idiots run their mouths. That site has no middle ground, just left and right. It's like people forget we're all human and we don't all fit neatly inside little "republican or democrat" boxes.

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Progressives hate liberals. Progressivism is the opposite of liberalism.

Liberalism, political doctrine that takes protecting and enhancing the freedom of the individual to be the central problem of politics. Liberals typically believe that government is necessary to protect individuals from being harmed by others, but they also recognize that government itself can pose a threat to liberty.

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Then why do so many label themselves progressive liberals? Just pure hypocrisy and a lack of critical thinking?

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Because at some point, I think in the 1800s, there was a split in liberalism between progressives and classical liberals. Classical liberals split into conservatives and libertarians. Why does it matter? Because progressives take for themselves the right to use force to accomplish their agenda. Classical liberals do not acknowledge any such right.

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Most of the time someone declares themself a liberal, they are lying. They are almost always leftists that don't believe in liberal values of freedom and equality.

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They don't preach equality, they preach "equity".

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If this site can stay somewhat neutral I would stick around. I miss old reddit.. I kinda chose the right wing out of spite. The left became too weird and humorless for me. I am a classical liberal at heart. Neutral on Trump, I dont hate him don't like him either. That makes me a nazi in certain circles. I'm sick of it all.

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i don't like the choices. I'm a leftwing socialist economically, I liked the new deal and want single payer so I guess that is socialism nowadays, but I feel economically it would help that cause to limit immigration. Supply and demand, less workers leads to higher wages. That doesn't mean I support trump, agree with him on immigration but disagree with his pro wall st economic policies. Dems focus too much on sjw stuff that I think is a negative. Who do I vote for, bernie maybe but the primary gets rigged.

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Neutral on Trump? Neutral‽ You can't be neutral on anything! LEAVE AND NEVER RETURN!

(In all honesty I respect that; I also hope the site continues to remain roughly neutral. If it tips in favour of my personal views, I'll stop posting them to compensate, and if it tips against I'll argue until my hands turn blue.)

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This is exactly why I am here. I don't want to be in a left or right wing echo chamber, or in a place where people can't stop obsessing about race.

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man, i agree with everything i've read in this thread so far. reddit has been disgusting me for a long time. and the censorship lately seems to have taken another step forward. i've looked off and on for other places and have been disappointed everywhere i've looked. it's rare to see a thoughtful, nuanced conversation on reddit, and that's fucking depressing, but this place gives me hope.

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Discussions about the watchpeopledie quarantine tipped me off that there are alternatives. The watchpeopledie ban is what finally chased me away.

It kind of wasn't even my idea to leave. Nuking subs and tampering with comments and deleting shit I care about clearly says to me, "You are not welcome here."

What I want out of saidit is a reddit-like community forum thing where I can have big-boy conversations without self-important fucksticks wagging their finger. I do not want my conversations tinkered-with or deleted just to keep things rated G.

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I believe in free speech, especially if I dont like the message. The current societal trend to silence all debate unless you fit their narritive is scary.

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I am not a Redditor. I am a truth seeker. I came here because magnora7, founder of SaidIt, was on some conspirophile podcasts. I'd been planning to find a forum, possibly with voting capabilities, so I could do my projects and present them to the forum for feedback. I was hoping for reasonably neutral and anarcho-truther tollerant. SaidIt is better than that and welcoming to all. I didn't expect to get wrapped up in SaidIt culture but I am now.

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What podcast would that happen to be?

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I came here after following a random redditor who made a post I found insightful... no idea why I felt the need to do that, and he's the only redditor I've ever followed in my 9 years as a redditor. A few months later he makes a post linking someone to here. That redditor was magnora7.

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TBH, I don't think reddit should have to court racists, white supremacists, etc. Echo chambers can be dangerous, the Christchurch shooter seemed to be talking to his online friends while narrating his own massacre video. You might say socialist SJW echo chambers are just as dangerous, but I would argue that they're views, taken to the extreme as individuals, are less likely to result in things like mass shootings, especially since they tend to be anti-gun in the first place. Moreover their views espouse inclusiveness more than not, and a broad customer base is good for business, which is why right wing media is more often the target of boycotts, it's just what is best for business.

And make no mistake, if this forum ever becomes big enough and starts attracting real ad revenue, you will certainly see their dedication to free expression take a back seat to the all mighty dollar. If you're a true believer in capitalism, you should be fine with this, as this is just the natural outcome of market forces.

But anyway I'm here because WPD is here. I think the content should be permitted on reddit because it has educational value, and death should not be sanitized, but Ion the other hand I know that it came across as people gawking at other's tragic misfortune, and so I don't blame reddit for closing the subreddit down.

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Moreover their views espouse inclusiveness more than not

The SJW definition of "inclusive" doesn't encompass straight white men though.

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Yeah but if talking about what is best for a business, which these website are (or become), that doesnt necessarily matter.

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And make no mistake, if this forum ever becomes big enough and starts attracting real ad revenue, you will certainly see their dedication to free expression take a back seat to the all mighty dollar.

The site doesn't run ads. There are no plans to. Unless it's something like Project Wonderful (RIP) I will be extremely frustrated if it starts to show ads.

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If it gets popular enough, the hosting costs might increase significantly, and it could require full time management. Then at that point it becomes a question of whether to pay the costs out of pocket, or mitigate the cost with ads. Now a revenue stream is created, and the powers that be get a taste of real money, and want more of it, like a good capitalist will, and influence shifts from the users to the advertisers. The other alternative is charging members a fee or beg for donations, which doesn't appear to work nearly as well as collecting ad revenue.

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It's working now, and they haven't even asked, let alone begged.

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This site only has like a few dozen users, though. The bills are probably cheap, for now.

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I did not left reddit completely but nuking subs was the main reason to join SaidIt. The problem with the sub¹ we had, it would always get banned, no matter how our sub is moderated because admins cannot speak german and in doubt they rather decide to kill it as this sub was known as a right-wing circle jerk but it was also a sub for people who did not like the agenda moderation and banning of the biggest left-leaning german subreddit. New subs could be also easily detected as ban evading subs as it would only need similiar name or similiar subscribers to get it banned. It would only need just two or three people to complain to get this sub banned and that was a big problem for us. Here on Saidit, however, I do not think it would get easily banned because /u/magnora7 seems to be quite happy with us.

[1]: It's name was /r/edefreiheit which means free speech. However on saidit the name lost its meaning because the name relied on the r of /r/edefreiheit and after there was no german speaking community here, the next logical step was to create the sub /s/deutsch. As we started our sub there was little to no activity on saidit and we were spamming popular with links to german articles and /u/magnora7 seemed to be quite irratated why so many german users joined SaidIt. After a while we decided to remove ourselves from popular as we received user complaints about it.

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/u/magnora7 seemed to be quite irratated why so many german users joined SaidIt.

I don't believe I've ever once shown irritation about it, and on the contrary I've been consistently grateful to have a global community here. Sorry if you somehow got a mistaken impression from some of the users, but I've never once felt myself this way. I am quite happy with you all as you stated in an earlier sentence!

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Sorry, irritated was probably the wrong word, interested and maybe slightly confused would describe it better :) because you didn't seemed angry at all. German language has similar words to english but different meanings. I should keep that in mind. However, you do a good job running this site. Keep it up!

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Ah, I was definitely a bit confused at first, but everything has since been explained. Thanks :)

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SaidIt needs more users submitting posts on topics of interest. When that happens non-English subs won't stick out so much.

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After a while we decided to remove ourselves from popular as we received user complaints about it.

Much appreciated, tøøt tööt

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I was led here by a post on r/RedditAlternatives. I've been playing around with various Reddit options for a couple weeks now. I'm on Raddle. I'm on Voat. I'm on Tildes. It's not all that dissatisfied with Reddit, but I was curious as to what else was out there.

By the way, how does a brand-new user like me go about creating a new sub? I've been using Saidit for approximately five minutes and can't figure out how to do it.

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You have to wait 14 days in order to create a sub on your own. You can also ask someone in the community to create a sub but it won't be sure that you will be moderator of this sub.

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Got it, thanks.

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account is 14 days old or do you have to make 14 days of posts?

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Just 14 days old

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It's a spam-prevention measure. You'll be able to in about two weeks; that's how long it usually takes the magic bot to determine that you're a real person.

I've seen the code implementing this check; it's vast! Truly vast!

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New subs can be created after 14 days of user activity.

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I hate the hate on reddit, as well as the way that downvoting is used to stymie dissent as a "disagree" button. That saidit has no downvote, only Insightful and Funny, is great. I love seeing things that I don't agree with in any way; it's good to broaden your horizons. On reddit, I'd have to find my way down to the dregs and expand negatvie karma posts for that.

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Basically the same reason. The community, due to the pyramid of debate, is also much better, especially in the case of disagreement.

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The freedom of differing views and ideas that Reddit lacks. The intellectual rigor that Voat lacks.

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Can't deal with how 'mainstream' reddit has become basically a bastion of upper middle class values/desires. I miss diversity and debate and learning things. You can't do that on reddit anymore, there is only one acceptable viewpoint there now. Even without all the sanitation form the admins, the userbase of almost every sub is largely monotone and is dominated by the same awful cultural defaults I have been struggling to avoid from my entire life, especially the compulsion to conformity that fuels so many people.

I like talking about philosophy and literature and ideas and discovering other people's truths, but you can't do that in any of the reddit subs without getting banned because you 'offended' someone who thinks their POV is threatened by the acknowledgement of other POVs or that it's promoting hate. Goes back to college when I took a class on Nietzsche and would bring it up to others and they'd go 'that guy is Nazi, and you are reading him therefore you are a Nazi'. It's not only stupid, it's just plain wrong. Reddit is full of 'that guy is a Nazi' types. Reddit was great in 2010 or so, full of people who were curious and open instead of people who are fueled by pathological need to guilt/shame anything they feel is bad, even by association, regardless of whether it is actually good or bad. Shift seems to have happened around 2014-2016, and now the admins are making 'corporate reddit' the default.

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I came here after they banned WPD and because they're about to ban Piracy no lie. I also am just so god damn tired of corporate run social sites with their super fancy algorithms dictating what I should see. Reddit now has a trending thing. I'm not sure if it's new or I've just been blind but I hate that type of shit. It's too mainstream and doesn't feel like a community. On Reddit i feel like just another user being served ads, having data collected, and having the shit i like banned. SaidIt feels like a community. Although I'm new here, I feel like I'm at home. It's been a long time since I felt like that on any website. I also like that SaidIt isn't threatening like sites such as 4/8chan and those other truly hateful sites.

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For me it's primarily to get away from Reddit's need to throw politics and social issues into every damn sub no matter if it fits on the sub or not. There is a time and place for everything.

For instance, if I go to a sub about games I want to talk about games and game related things. Nothing more. Now today /r/games shut down their sub for the day and put up some lecturing post about racism, sexism, and whatnot. Yes these are important issues, but not in a damn sub about gaming. All I did was roll my eyes and unsub. If I wanted to discuss those things I'd go to a relevant sub.

Another sub, I think it was /r/unexpected, did a similar thing except they dedicated the day to posting memorials to Holocaust victims. Remembering the Holocaust and those who went through it is very important. Not on a comedic sub.

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A mod in legal advice tried to recruit me to be a antifa to kill right wingers, and still shitpost on his sub to annoy him.

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Say one thing wrong and you'll get people stalking you or sending bots after you

I outright said in response to a thread that "Oh there is no WAY (spraying raid in the face of people) could backfire and get you arrested, beaten, or worse" and got a bunch of downvotes. And another comment I made on the same sub also got downvoted in no time

Then there are the autoban bots, how the community is split so hard that you have folks from both sides of many debates acting stupid on purpose to either discredit the side they are speaking for or to piss off the other side, Reddit's increasing crackdown...

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Dark stylesheet by default

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The realest of reasons.

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Am here because r/WPD got banned. That subreddit helped me cope with my depression in a way I can't quite explain. I haven't needed to frequent it a lot in the past couple of month and only just found out today that it got banned.

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The smokers in waterworld are the jews, and was banned for saying it.

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The mods here are part of a group as well, but since they let me speak i will not say it.

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Excuse me?

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a highly efficient redpill machine

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    Sort of why I came here too. There's too much fake bullshit and robotic interaction. I don't mean to come off as pretentious by saying what I'm saying, but it's just how I feel. Every thread on reddit I go to I already know the "deal". All the little quips and retorts and comments, I've just seen it all before in almost the exact same manner. I've been using the internet for more than 2/3rds of my life and I've used reddit for like 6 years now. It's all so predictable and fake. Everyone's jockeying to get more karma, to look like a saint, to sound intelligent, to sound like a better version of themselves.

    The reality is we're not all that smart, or funny, or even that good. We're all more or less average and when I see people try to imitate those few truly witty/smart/good people it's just draining. Sometimes you just want to see something real and not the same dolled up bullshit over and over.

    Sorry for the long winded post. You just got my mind going and I needed to vent a bit.

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    Original memes!

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    I came here when /r/FreeToGo got banned, not long after SanctionedSuicide was also banned, and TimeToGo got taken over by the usual types of awful people that end up as moderators on reddit - i.e. small-minded, condescending dictators that don't actually give a shit about the community they're moderating. Regardless, it's essentially dead since they quarantined it and it only survived a ban because it's a milquetoast shadow of what the original SS was. There's really no point to a commuity like that if you pretty much can't talk about the subject matter without a 90% chance your comment will be censored either because of the site-wide rules or the top mod's Victorian sensibilities on what people are allowed to say. I really hope people sign up for this site as it seems we'll be mostly free to have an uncensored SS here other than discussing the purchase of illegal drugs etc.

    Other than that, the it's the general censorship and complete echo chamber reddit has become that's been covered already. Ever since FatPeopleHate was banned because because of imaginary "doxxing" the writing has been on the wall. Most of the anti-censorship subreddits, which are the only thing I have fun reading on Reddit anymore, are probably not going to last very much longer before an excuse is made to delete them. I'm guessing something about "brigading" or "harassing" the power users/admins they criticize. I agree with the top comment's general sentiments about Voat just being the same shit but in the opposite direction.

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    I came here because it is a good momentum for a new Reddit-like site, I love the format but not the corporate stuff behind it.

    And, dark mode as default.