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Do you mean to the border or to within 500 yards of the border? The border, Israel has a more or less right to, but shooting unarmed people 500 yards in is a war crime.

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I couldn't say which one it is, because they are just videos of sandy, desolate looking areas. And I'm not concerned about Israel's right to shoot or not. I'm curious what the hell the Palestinians are thinking by repeatedly bringing children to these locations. They obviously know shooting will happen (they post videos and stories about it daily) but still out their kids directly in harm's way.

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Well mostly what I see are teenagers that don't appreciate living in an open air blockaded prison. The March of return also has huge significance for them, it was a special event, so lots of people turned out.

There's actually nowhere in Gaza that they can be out of harm's way.

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Children Make Perfect Propaganda Props – #PropagandaWatch

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This question presupposes the Israeli right to execute it's own citizen children without due process.

Do you support Israeli extrajudicial executions?

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? I'm not discussing Israel's actions. I'm asking about the Palestinians bringing kids to events that literally always end up in Israelis shooting people.

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Am I missing something here?

Yes. You are missing something.

What your are missing,/overlookingis the distinction between the victim and the offender.
You are inexplicably focusing on blaming the victims and their children for being locked away in an open air prison concentration camp, which they are literally helpless to affect.
These people are completely innocent victims. There is no ethical reason to condemn them. Your argument/question is the ethical equivalent of blaming slaves for getting caught trying to escape.

The criminality and unethical behavior rests completely on the Israeli agents.

The IDF snipers who are savagely assassinating children are the second order criminals.

The first order criminals are the Israeli oligarchy which brainwashed and controls the state.

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You are completely off track here. You don't have any clue what my stance is on Israel if you think I am defending them or excusing their actions. But my point, clear as day, is that if there are a muderous pack of criminals in my house, I'm not sending my kids in. Regardless of who is in the ethical or legal right. Sending kids into slaughter is insane. It's not victim blaming to be confused at why anyone would put children into harm's way, knowing it is harm's way. I think you are just angry and looking for a fight. You won't get one from me. I do my fighting in person.

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Your hasbara is preposterous.

if there are a muderous pack of criminals in my house,

A more appropriate analogue is:.

If my refugee family was locked in a concentration camp surrounded by a murders pack of criminals... and I had restless dignified teenagers who's spirits weren't yet crushed by decades of oppression.

I do my fighting in person.

I'm glad to hear that, and I wish you the best in your endeavors.

It's worth considering that you still do your victim blaming anonymously. Which is fine, as well.

Edit: I generally agree with your comments on other topics.
This particular issue is problematic, as the MSM uniformly deceives the public about the facts/circumstances on a handful of serious issues. This is one of those issues.

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And if you care about the lives of those teenagers, you leave them out of the fight. I've never sent my children into battle and I never will. There is no point. It looks to me like intentional sacrifice for martyr status. I'm totally fine with an adult doing this, but will never be alright with adults letting their kids go do this. Never will be. Meanwhile I have and will make these exact same statements in person. Not afraid to back any of my words up, and if someone feels the need to bully me in person for having a discussion, that's on them.

And my analogy is still sound, even if you don't want to accept it. Sending kids into known murderers' range of violence will always be the same to me, regardless of the other factors in play. There is no good excuse for it that I have seen so far.

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Sure. It's easy for you to say.

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I would be happy to repeat it in person if you want to meet sometime. I mean that sincerely, and not angrily. I'm on the West coast and don't mind a drive.

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If you really care about teenager lives then prove it with your actions.

Go to Palestine and witness it, and decide for yourself based on the facts that you witness with your own eyes.

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what makes you think they are

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The videos I watch if it happening