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In my opinion moderators of certain subs have had superiority complexes and has shun down apposing view points against what they believe and shut down any conversation. therefor I believe that there should be some way to vote out power tripping mods for the good of the sub or some other form to balance out how mods are treating their user base especially when its a neutral based sub.

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Unfortunately, this would not work very well because it is incredibly easy to manipulate votes using bots.

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What if only votes from sub users with say 100 karma in the sub was counted?

Or what about forced mod rotation, where after being top mod for a year, you are forcibly de-modded. Existing mods could add you back, but you lose your top mod emperor position.

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Put as much control for personalization in the hands of users as possible. Being able to sub and unsub to things is nice, but how about being able to do that for users, like you can on Twitter? For that matter, how about being able to ignore users and subs?

There has to be better mechanical ways for people to do their own moderation for the content they see. Otherwise you get either the censorship of Reddit or the single-mindedness of Voat.

I'm all for free speech. People have a right to say what they want. But others have a right to walk away and ignore them. Mods or admins should not get a say in either one.

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Yeah, client-side voluntarist filtering is the future.

AdBlock is client-side filtering and we all like AdBlock.