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Nothing in person, but this video is probably among the oddest:

I've seen this video about 15 times and it still leaves my jaw on the floor

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That is really bizarre and the echoey music. We watched three in the series. Hey look, there's a person.

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Dead malls! I Love that series!

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Me too, I'm kind of low-key obsessed with it, I've seen all the episodes at least 3 times. I wish I liked Dan Bell's other stuff thought, not a fan of the "dirty motel" series he also does lol

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I remember when I was like 16 or so I saw a man at one of those kiosks in the middle of the hallway. They usually sell overpriced helicopters, shirts, and stuff like that. This man, though, was holding a cigarette in his hand and as he inhaled it lit up!

I remember being kinda shocked at first. Dude is just smoking a cig in the middle of the mall?! It was when I got closer I realized it wasn't a cig at all, but an e-cig. My dad had smoked all my life so I knew the smell of cigs pretty well and this had no smell at all.

I just remember thinking "Wow, they can do that?!" It really made me take a step back. It might seem tame today now with Juul on the rise and vaping being mainstream, but you need to realize this was way before all of that.

Now that I know how ecigs work they aren't some revolutionary technology, but it was fascinating seeing it for the first time. It was almost like magic.

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A woman with three or four kids on those kiddie leashes. It looked like those people who walk a bunch of dogs at the same time, only with toddlers.

Also some poor man with a tray of fudge samples trip on the escalator.