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I think it's your ad blocker. I like this workaround that you found.

I guess we'll fix it but renaming CSS classes will maybe break Reddit css themes and maybe RES :(

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This is something I wouldn't fix on the server side, since as you said it would potentially break other stuff way worse for everyone, for something which essentially only happens for OP (or does it?). That seems like overkill. Probably better to figure out what the problem is on his side, like starting with disabling the adblocker (although I kinda doubt that's it, since why would it be configured to block the unsub button on this site by default. Doesn't hurt to try though), or trying a different browser to make sure it's not some addon that's breaking the site

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Agreed. I think it is ad blocker because we've had like 5 reports of it, and someone has previously confirmed disabling the blocker fixed it. They even posted a screenshot showing the word 'subscribe' or 'subscribed' got flagged. Haven't tested it myself but it was a popular blocker.

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Yep, it's the ad blocker. Should have thought to try that to begin with. I will try to identify which filter list is causing the issue and see if the maintainer can add a workaround.

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Also confirm it's the adblocker. Disable, subscribe, then enable.

Thanks for the help u^