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most habits are ritual, most rituals are in place for the control of the populace. Evolution of that, created consumers, they're predictable, and they're spiritually dead for the most part. Once consumers were created, and predictable with their corporate rituals, then they were easily categorized, and today, they're a commodity; traded for profit like slaves.

From there, yes, I do believe the great battle of human consciousness is to stifle all the glaring 'oddities', or common 'peculiarities' that almost all of creation share. In so doing, which they've done, creates better materialistic, and spiritually dead consumers=commodities to be traded as slaves.

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Materials and growth, never benefiting from tech, but losing.

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they're predictable,

then they were easily categorized,

I see. You have never studied economics.

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In what sense? And what is your particular expertise?

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If you want to be noticed at a corporation, dress like the bosses, when applying for a job. Seriously.

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They separately evolved that way? Or did we evolve that way and then mutate. Or something else?

2 species of apes (bonobos, humans) come from a single common ancestor. It's a genetic mutation over a very long period of time.

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Brainwashing is essentially perfected conditioning.

Personality is conditioned. Most people are brainwashed all the time everywhere even here.

That should be a given, a starting point to any discussion.