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I was banned from /r/space - for criticizing the magnetohydrodynamics. Because it is mostly pseudo-science. based on a special case that does really happen in nature. They create magnetic fields out of thin air. (I used friendlier words.)

I was banned from /r/askphysics - for explaining the Maxwell equations. You can explain them in different ways, with different levels of complexity.

I was banned from /r/philosophyOfScience - for discussion a very basic interpretation of quantum mechanics, invented by Max Planck.

Never went into /r/science and /r/askscience and such, because they are very Technocratic. Which means that you can not discuss anything that may conflict with the official consensus.

Was banned from /r/lastStageCapitalism about agreeing that Billionaires should not influence the elections. Because I named Soros. Lol.

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I got banned from /r/science for asserting that co2 as a greenhouse gas rests on unproven hypotheses - which is of course, a fact.

I got banned from /r/sciencenews (or something like that) for stating that the case for anthropogenic climate change is FAR from settled.

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Have you dove into any of Randall Carlson's research? He has a whole lot of evidence complied of just how dynamic the earth's climate really is. It shows that the warming that we are seeing now is well within the normal that the earth is used to.

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I usually don't look at the names of the scientists whose research I read, because I am much more interested in the facts, or lack thereof, in their research. But yes, I am very much aware that the Earth warms and cools quite a bit over the centuries, and quite a bit more over the millenia.