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Magnetohydrodynamics - Omitting the electric field and other over-simplifications create false models. Things like like "Magnetic reconnection" do not really exist. Alfven already warned us.

Temperature of the sun's photosphere. - The electromagnetic activity gives a false impression. Neutral elements show normal low temperatures. link

Dark matter - Most of the papers are wrong, even if it does exist.

Redshift - can also be caused by interstellar plasma. In that case, light of high frequencies moves slower. link. Could interfere with inflation and dark energy. Dark energy is already spread like gas/plasma.

The problem with astronomy is that we have to build theoretical models on top of other theoretical models. And only fractions of it can be tested. We simply can not travel that far or look back in time. If we find a problem, it is too hard to revise the underlying models, so we add another theory.

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Vaccination Industry:

  • Vaccines did not end the plague of diseases. Public sanitation was the solution, and it was implemented before vaccines for most diseases were invented.
  • Vaccines are not effective in eliminating transmission. Vaccinated people can carry diseases without showing symptoms.
  • Vaccines are not safe, or harmless. Vaccines activate the epigenome, which is the system that governs which genes are activated, etc. We do not understand this system, and there are serious unforeseen consequences.
  • The aluminum adjuvant is a dangerous compound and stays in the brain of young developing children.
  • Thimerosal (mercury compound) in vaccines is toxic. This mercury does not leave the body. It collects in the brain of the patient.
  • As many as 30 million Americans were infected with a cancer causing virus called SV-40 during the polio vaccinations during the 60's. This is the root cause of the modern cancer epidemic. They should be working on a SV-40 vaccine, however this is being curiously ignored.
  • AIDS was introduced into the human population through the vaccination programs (Merck).

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I am all for better safety in the medicine industry, and making all people involved responsible.

I think that removing and extremely limiting patents would make it better. Maybe then it would be easier for companies to admit that certain solutions are not working or have bad side-effects. Now they are over-hyped, or pushed politically. It would also make good medicine cheap and easy available. And natural medicine should not be forbidden or put under pressure as it is now.

I should add that mother-milk is a natural vaccine that works well. As far I know, it has no side effects, assuming the mother is healthy.

<HS> So the solution is to suck boobies!

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[Computer Science]
Artificial intelligence - most is hyped.
Quantum Computer - does not work as in theory.
Type theory - hard to apply.

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  • Stars are formed from condensed matter (liquid or solid). Only condensed matter with a lattice structure can emit a continuous spectrum.
  • Stars do not behave as gas clouds. Gasses cannot emit a continuous spectrum.
  • Many astronomical equations violate the laws of thermodynamics (intensive vs. extensive properties). They are not physically plausible.

The basics of astronomy are a complete mess. 90% of astronomy classes still teach that the sun is a gas cloud, which is physically impossible. This science is in need of a thorough fundamental reexamination.

Moon Landing Hoax. - honorable mention.

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Can the continuous spectrum can also come from a liquid?

The same is with the background radiation. It is supposed to come from hydrogen plasma, but the spectrum continuous (not gas/plasma).

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Can the continuous spectrum can also come from a liquid?

Yes. An example of this is molten steel, which emits a full thermal spectrum which is dependant upon it's temp. It won't be a perfect blackbody spectrum.

The same is with the background radiation. It is supposed to come from hydrogen plasma, but the spectrum continuous (not gas/plasma).

I'm not sure that the cosmic microwave background radiation is real. Water is known to absorb and emit microwaves.
The evidence for this "experiment" was only recorded during the GE experiment, which was literally miles from the ocean and just above sea level.

I'm not sure it should be classified as an experiment, as it was identified on accident, and no test was really performed.

The microwave "noise" was likely caused by the telescope's proximity to the ocean, which emits microwaves.

Gases simply cannot emit a full spectrum. Gaseous materials can only emit light frequencies based on their election orbital shell configurations.

Redshift - can also be caused by interstellar plasma. In that case, light of high frequencies moves slower.

This is an interesting point.

I doubt that the big bang happened.

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I have seen Robitaille's videos on it.
Here is his video on the Cosmic Microwave Background

And the video about the antenna that did not detect the CMB, because it can not detect nearby water.

It would be nice to put the spectrum of the MBR and that of the ocean next to each other. Maybe Robitaille has already done that?

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Materials emit different frequencies of light based on temperature. And you are clearly knowledgeable. Do you know what the current explaination for the "Pillars of Light" material formations?

If energy in space is dominated by gravity and nuclear reactions, then how are these clouds radiating light? The event that preceded their formation was eons ago, so they definitely should be relatively cooled.

Why do you suppose this cloud continues to radiate, and isn't instead freezing in space (Ort Cloud coldish)?

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That is in interesting formation.

There is a clear distribution of materials. I don't know the cause of that, I would really need to study it more. More information could be visible in the radiowaves and ultraviolet/x-ray range.

My first idea is that this matter was produced by some explosion or a plasma beam in the past. That might explain the cloud-shapes.

The matter itself might be compressed via electromagnetic forces. We should check for the stark/zeeman effect and polarisation effects. That would give us more information about the electromagnetic activity. There also should be vague plasma bridges between the dense stars.

In peer-reviewed articles, this would be explained with gravity after an explosion. And of course some invisible dark matter to top it off.

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In peer-reviewed articles, this would be explained with gravity after an explosion. And of course some invisible dark matter to top it off.

Yep. They teach this at Hogwarts.

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    Climate Science:

    • "Man made global warming" is a hoax.
    • The climate isn't warming (any more than centuries old trends).
    • Needs more physics (meterology).
    • Needs less pseudoscience (climate "modeling").

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    I don't think it is an intentional "hoax". Many scientists actually believe in global warming.

    The propaganda was done by a technocratic group. I think that original group had environmental concerns and wanted to push against the oil industry. But that was more than 50 years ago. Now it has mixed with many political people.

    To make the propaganda impressive, they falsely stated that the science was settled. And were warning us against a catastrophic warming (hockey-stick graph). One theory that was clearly not based on science, but on fear and logical fallacies. But sadly many scientists are not able to go against a false authority and a claimed majority.

    Now with better tools and better measurements, we see that over a longer time period the earth is not clearly warming. 25 Nasa scientists question the sanity of the global warmists The yt channel has lots of this.

    And this proofs that climate science was not settled, but based on wrong data, wrong parameters and fantasy. Some of the data was falsified, and other data cherry-picked, criticism became forbidden. Due to the politics, it became a big lie.

    The climate itself clearly follows the solar activity.
    The fatal flaw in climate change science

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    • We find remains of reasonably advanced cultures that seem to have lived more than 10,000 years ago. Based on carbon-dating and based on geology. Mainstream history thinks that humanity always grew more advanced, but that would not work if there was a natural disaster. link

    • History is written by the winners. A lot of history has been modified or changed from the perspective of the winners. Evidence shows that WW1 started differently Link

    • A lot of Historians had huge prejudice against older or innate cultures. We call them "primitive" by default, but they often lived happy and had a very peaceful life. Unlike "advanced" cultures.

    • Depending on the region, the health of ancient people was much better. As long they had enough food and were living in small groups. They did a lot more physical exercise. Forced labour in slavery, agriculture and industry decreased life-expectancy enormously. And they could also not care well for disabled people.

    • We sometimes find weird remains of other races of humans. Maybe we had as many human races as dog races at one time. link1. link2 We simply don't know much, due to the resistance against these subjects.

    • Certain ancient technologies were very advanced for their time. 1. A pillar that does not rust. 2. Concrete technology in ancient buildings and statues. 3. Stone pillars that are tuned exactly to music

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    Psychology and Psychiatry: we still don't know the real cause behind many psychiatric problems (like depression, as in article)

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    planetary formation.

    Aggregation simply doesn't work. Small clusters self-annihilate back into dust without something to keep them in place. Vorticies.

    Which means planets are... hollow

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    Just in:
    Chemistry Papers Are Retracted Mostly Due to Plagiarism, Data Manipulation