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Jews plotted and financed the genocidal 1792 French Revolution, the bogus 1776 American Revolution and the sham 1917 Russian Revolution.

Jews were pulling Ferdinand and Isabella's strings as well they were behind the Inquisition, the voyages of Wm. Dampier & James Cook and the travels of Marco Polo, who voyaged to America from the west loooong before Christopher Columbus got there.

Jews financed the exploration of Terra Australis, and were behind the relocation of hundreds of thousands of unwilling souls, who were firstly unjustly imprisoned then transported, just as they financing unjust imprisonment and the relocation of aliens today!

The establishment of the Australian Federation allowed history to be wiped clean .. it was part of the Zionist plan!

The Ziopress howls "Indigenous Australian Genocide" - Fifteen blacks attacked and murdered Hoera Te Kooti, seven more attacked and murdered a white man was playing with his kids, two others murdered a sleeping white man and stole his shoes, another bludgeoned two white teens to death .. none faced justice.

Anticipate twenty five blacks hangin' dead, beside the lawyers and politicos who handled their cases.

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misleading title..