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That’s how I got pregnant so I’d say it works.

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I've heard it helps because it keeps the 'swimmers' in the right place for a longer amount of time. Though women have been getting pregnant since forever I'm pretty sure they all didn't lift their legs afterwards.

Ive heard good things about Mucinex because it thickens the mucus everywhere in the body which helps the embryo stick.

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No. Scientifically no, studies have found absolutely no evidence that putting your legs up changes anything.

Sperm is ejaculated at very high speed. All viable sperm will be in the cervix within less then 30 seconds (if you are having sex when you have fertile cervical fluid many will find their way through, if not they die). Anything that didn't find its way there quickly is not going to be finding its way to an egg and is likely to be abnormal.

Highly recommend watching The Great Sperm Race : Pretty funny but scientifically accurate and easy for anyone to understand.