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Thank you for saying this. It's a controversial idea even within the Christian community, but I've found my myself much more feminine and submissive since my husband began disciplining me, and it's improved our relationship immensely. It may just be my own experience, but I wish it were easier to convince other couples to try it out. Most wives I know are put off just by their initial impression of the idea to give it any real consideration.

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The problem is we often see things with modern secular eyes instead of biblical eyes. Yes, having your husband spank you is controversial because it's not specifically mentioned in the bible. However, we're supposed to submit to him and discipline is something that the bible makes very clear that all of us need. So when I do something wrong I don't have a problem submitting to his authority and it's honestly a lot easier just to take the spanking. We get off easy on this one but husbands are obligated to punish themselves and self-punishment can go on for days, weeks or even years.

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Yes, it feels very natural to submit to him, even if he wants to discipline me. I definitely think it's easier for us wives who can follow and be disciplines by a strong authority rather than having to do so to ourselves. Like the article says, domestic discipline was natural for centuries until feminism came in and changed things. I've noticed the more feminist changes I roll back in my own life the better I feel and the better my marriage is.

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I'm not even going to try and challenge my husband's authority. I know my faults and I know I'm going to make mistakes but I'm going to trust my man and let him lead.

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Husbands are the head of the family like Christ is the Head of the Church. I sure hope to never be "spanked" by Him. It's difficult to reconcile your points with Genesis, where it says the two shall become "one flesh." The wife was created to be a help-mate, not a subordinate.

Another verse that comes to mind is 1 Peter 3:7, where husbands are instructed to treat their wife as to the weaker vessel with honor, that their prayers aren't hindered. Again, not sure that reconciles with 'spanking" them. Just my two cents.

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I'm not very eloquent with my words and I seldom can explain anything very well. However, I think the article I linked to said it best.

" Spanking no more infantilizes a woman than a speeding ticket from a police officer infantilizes a man. Adults can and do discipline other adults all the time.

But some will answer my police officer giving a ticket analogy with “a speeding ticket is a piece of paper and the officer is not bending you over his knee and spanking you”. The reason for this kind of answer is because in our modern culture we look on any type of physical punishment with disdain. We think physical punishment, especially toward adults is “uncivilized”.

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You be you. I respect that but disagree with the stance.

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That's your right. There are no rules in my sub that demand absolute agreement.

The only thing I will say is that I'm careful to not be imposing our Christian marital standards on others. So it's equally wise that people that disagree with those standards not try to impose their precepts on people like my husband and I.