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I think they were trying to "trigger" the LGBTQWTFBBQ by turning their own stupid pomo psy-op discourse against them. It unfortunately worked really well because they're all hysterical and easily manipulated.

I think bisexuals that feel strongly about our sexuality being a "whole" one and not half/half, and want to feel comfortable discussing and enjoying opposite-sex relationships/attractions as well as same-sex should work to create specifically bisexual communities/groups/meetups/etc for themselves. That doesn't mean they have to separate from any other groups but having their own would do them good and make them feel less alienated by straight or gay people not understanding them, stereotyping them, not believing they're real or asking them inappropriate questions.

As I always say, a lot of "discourse" and other bullshit would be rendered meaningless if people could just admit that sexuality is about biological sex, not gender identity. I'm not fucking someone's pronouns lol

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I'm not fucking someone's pronouns lol

That made me LOL, haha.

I was curious what the hell this #DroptheB stuff was and did not know if it was for real or trolling, but thought maybe trolling's 4chan...

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I think that we should stick with the Ls and Gs insofar as we all share same-sex attraction, which historically has led to problems with the rest of society. But I do think it’s important to have our own spaces since we have a different life experience/set of issues from the Ls and Gs. The TQs can knock right off. The bis who call themselves “pansexual” can do the same since they’re like all the worst stereotypes of us.

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I can relate quite a bit with the G & L, they always confuse me as strictly same-sex attracted, and even when they find out I'm bi, they're pretty nice to me(in real life---when I was single, they always pointed out ladies to me, haha). Online is a mixed bag...I see some hatred for bisexuals online...Most real life people I've met are OK or neutral with it(because they think we have a "choice" to be "normal"), but don't completely understand. My younger bro thought it was just "a phase" and almost ALL of the coworkers I've had so far think I'm secretly gay...

The only thing that feels awkward when talking to heterosexual/homosexual people is the fact that we're dual attracted. They just kinda go "cool" and not really understand...So it's nice we have our own communities too.

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It's probably a parody by idk who. Serious or not, it's definite reaction to lgbdropthet. I remember stumbling on the lgdroptheb sub on Reddit in the summer. It had pretty low activity then. It has since been privated. The lgtdroptheb sub open now looks like what the other sub looked like with the same level of activity.

Because of the internet, the communities can possibly exist and thrive on their own now, at least in the more developed parts of the world. It was the advantage of strength in numbers that incentivized the formation of the LGB(and later T). And that advantage still applies wherever it's needed.

As of now it's needed in the West because of TQ+++ overreach and the total pushback against their behavior is not currently substantial enough for the L, G, and B as separate groups to be addressing effectively. It needs to be a unified front for this reason until the situation improves.

And a unified front for those who are same-sex attracted will definitely be needed for a while in the areas of the world with more traditional homophobia.

Beyond that though, I'm not sure what future I want for the B right now. Don't have strong opinions on that yet.

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What i think of it? Hilarious tbh. But, considering how wild LGBTQ+ is becoming, shit, might do some good. Bs can get and organize their own group. Also, yes, they're probably serious. It's either "drop it" or change the definition of bisexuality to include their gender identity.

As for B being dropped from LGB or LGBTQ+, if there wasn't such a shitstorm going on, I would say drop and all the groups go through separate ways. We're not the same thing. Why do straight people get their own community but we have to be grouped together? It just causes problems.

Do you believe they are secretly gender skeptics(like us)?

There is no "us" in this. I'm just here because of the LGB vs TRA shit.