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I thought this fell out of popularity? If you want to be hip anymore you have to be a TQ+

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I think it's still ongoing in the "normal"/"default" straight world. I noticed it in media and also just based on having (straight) male friends/acquaintances who found chicks kissing 'hot'. I just listened to a video I think...Yesterday that was talking about how women in music videos are half naked dancing, and people find it sexy instead of homoerotic---but if the genders/sexes flipped to male instead, it would be considered homoerotic/ "gay". I have to find the video---but basically video was saying that artists/companies are making money by using performative bisexuality.

I guess TQ+ might be a rebranding or a whole new level of "performative bisexuality", but this time they use terms such as " queer" or "pansexual" to show that they're more open-minded than us plebian bisexuals lol.