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That study always sort of made me laugh. I don't think the intention was to prove or disprove, but rather to just gain insight or try to learn more about a subject that has very little discourse. While I don't think that scientific validation should be a gatekeep, I also don't think that simply self-identifying as something is enough to make it so. Overall I think it's interesting as an experiment more than anything else.

As for the question of whether "bisexuality is an identity complex or a case of adaptive flexibility" I do agree to some extent that it's just a case of liking what you like. I do think, like everything, that we are influenced by our surroundings, but I also don't think you can "turn" people, so adaptive might be the wrong word to use here but I think the sentiment is somewhat true.

And of course there are the men who use it as a stepping-stone label, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing, I think. It has just become a very annoying stereotype.