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No. One can't choose who they are attracted to. And some bisexuals are not attracted to people who have gotten gender-reassignment surgery, who have taken cross-sex hormones, or just identify as the opposite sex, for a number of reasons which can range from disliking artificial bodily enhancements, gender incongruence, or people who can't accept their birth sex. There at least a couple topics(1,2) on the banned r/SuperBis sub about how bisexuals fit into the Super category.

Personally, I can accept 'enhancements' to sex characteristics or even the lack of certain characteristics typical to one's sex for whatever reason. But I can't deal with gender incongruence unless the person has differences in sex development; And most Trans don't.

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Not being attracted to someone isn't a form of bigotry. I'm actually not a superbi. I think Blaire White and Nikita Dragun are attractive, but the vast majority of trans people do not look like that and may not be sexually functional, depending on what sort of "treatments" they're on.