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First off, hello Peach, and thanks for being one of the very few people who post in this sub. I think it's really important to have a bisexual community so young bis don't get swept up into the "queers"/no labels/everyone's bi craziness like I was. Nowadays I'm pro-science lol.

It seems to me that most real-life "queers" are shy bis, while online it seems like most "queers" are just hets with pierced ears/flannel/dyed hair. Honestly, seeing/hearing the word does piss me off.

I thought the Supers movement was really promising but reddit stamped it out. It seems like no one's talking about it much, other than subs like r/TumblrinAction and r/stupidpol, which are already on thin fucking ice with the whole "anti-evil operations" scheme they've got going on amongst the meta mods on reddit.

SuperBi is a cool concept but despite the fact that I disagree with gender ideology, I'm not a SuperBi. I do find some trans people attractive. I do see the need for it, however; I saw a post the other day that said that "not including trans people in your bisexuality is transphobic", which is basically just the classic "fuck me bigot" argument with a side of "bisexuals are hoes". I feel you on the rant thing. I had to take a long break from this site but I'm fucking back... couldn't stay away I guess lol.

Truthfully, bisexuals are a huge force behind the trans "rights" (privileges) movement, way moreso than LG or hets. This is actually in huge part thanks to bis like me who aren't SuperBi, and like the old me who knew nothing and was a TRA because they want to stamp out all oppression in the world and know nothing (I was quite young, which is common in these circles). I actually thought I was a lesbian for a long time (I only like a very specific, feminine type of man, which is very rare around these parts), and even came out to a few people. This is extremely cringey and I know lesbians hate to hear it because it smears their name, but it's increasingly common when the dominant (SJW) ideology touts that sexuality is not based on sex, but gender identity. In reality, every "lesbian" who also likes very pretty, feminine trans-identified males is bi. There are a lot of different ways to be bi; the only requirements are attraction to men and women. A lot of bi people can't accept that, and want a more specific descriptor of their sexuality. This is fine, as long as they accept that they are still bi, monosexuals exist, and leave already established labels (lesbian, gay, straight) alone!

Lol this was a rant. I've had some sips tonight. Thanks again, Peach. Every day, it seems like we lose more ground to the TRAs. We really have to get it together, and I think establishing an actual bi community, instead of having bis float around with LG or hets where they sort of belong but not really, is an important step.

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Hey, not a problem! I enjoy seeing the discussions here and thank you for your contributions as well!

Yes, I'm not a fan of the word "queer", it used to be used as an insult towards us. In school, I was called other derogatory terms such as f*ggot and tr*nny. I don't know why they want to revive a terrible word.

I've met some old school bisexuals that are completely unaware of the "queer", culture--lucky them! But...they had their own issues(e.g. drugs. )

I found it interesting that the Super Movement lasted as long as it did on reddit and curated a LOT of attention and members! They weren't even mean about not being attracted to trans people. They called trans people like Blaire White allies.

Personally, I'm not attracted to trans people but if others are than that's fine--as long as I don't get called a "transphobic bigot". I can sympathize a bit with regular trans/transmedicalist people since I used to be one until I detransitioned. I know there's some people who wouldn't want to date bisexuals either, and I'm not offended at all. I tell the people I date beforehand that I am so they're not caught by surprise.

It's true that there is a lot of support from bisexual people towards TRA. Tbh, I think bisexuals are also the backbone of the LGBTQ+ in general. I posted a video earlier about "Leave out the B" or something or other from BisexualRealTalk YouTube Channel---and basically this bi guy was stating how we're the majority from the group but have the LEAST amount of resources. We're always supporting other people instead of each other. Hardly any media, or entertainment and I have yet to hear of a "bisexual bar".

I can relate COMPLETELY with thinking I was a bisexual lesbian for the longest time!! I envied men and wanted to be like them, while I ONLY had attraction towards women since grade school. So, I thought in order to be "normal", I had to transition. I agree with you that in order to be bi, one most be attracted to both men and women. That's it, that's the ONLY requirement. I found out later in life that I liked men after nearly two decades of liking only women and thinking I was asexual at one point(it was due to depression, found nobody attractive lol).

Your good haha, I enjoy seeing comments like these! I tend to ramble a lot too, so sometimes what I wrote may be a bit incoherent.

Ah, I forgot to mention within my rambling---I feel mostly positive about the SuperBi movement but ..It feels too young for me...I cannot relate to them very well with their "Hecking valid uwu" types of posts and their...furries...I joined their SuperStraight discord channel and it was awkward. I don't normally use platforms like discord, but using it to talk to a friend.

Edit: Word lmao

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SuperBi is a cool concept but despite the fact that I disagree with gender ideology, I'm not a SuperBi. I do find some trans people attractive.

Here's the thing, though: what is it about them that you find attractive? Are you attracted to them based on their "gender identity"... or their sex?

Because, while the SuperSexuality movement is often understood to mean "not attracted to trans people", I think that it can also be interpreted as "attracted only to biological sex, NOT 'gender'". In that case, you could be attracted to trans people on the same basis as non-trans people-- their sex-- and still be a SuperSexual. In fact, despite not being trans-exclusionary, you'd need the "super" identity's protection as much as those who are, since just finding some T people attractive isn't enough; you also have to find them attractive in the trans-approved way: based on their "gender". If that very pretty, feminine trans-identified male gets your motor running because he's male... you're a transphobe, and it's REEEEE-in' time.

So I guess what I'm saying is: feel free to call yourself a SuperBi! Cuz whether or not a trans person could trigger your "yum!" response, you're a gender heretic in the Church of T's eyes, and that's all that matters :)

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If that very pretty, feminine trans-identified male gets your motor running because he's male... you're a transphobe, and it's REEEEE-in' time.

Lol I guess it's REEEE-in' time then. Yeah, you're explanation makes sense. Guess I'm a SuperBi. Your whole post had me rolling lmao.

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Bisexuals dropped off the face of the Earth in 2015, I think an opportunity was taken advantage of to shunt us aside. I think erasure is the point of "queerness."

I'm not old enough to remember before the transgender takeover but I've spoken to Gen X bisexuals online that have essentially said that there were always political issues within the community regarding how to classify bisexuals, and what behavior was expected of us.

Someone linked this book one time, it feels very dated but was still wonderful to read. I am both inspired and baffled by these people 😄