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I don't really know her, but I do know that India is extremely homophobic, so I see why she harps on about it. I don't know if it does any good, but at least she's honest and sticking it to em.

I think there is no bisexual community at all, and that young bis nowadays identify as some other sexuality that includes preferences instead of just orientation and floats around with the rest of the alphabet soup. Your thoughts about bi bars were really interesting to me, and I'd like to start one in a few years if I make enough money. I don't know many celebrities, much less any bi ones.

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Lilly Singh is a native Canadian and has always been politically very far left, even in her early videos on Youtube. I don't buy for one second that she has a following in India.

This reads to me like covert promotion for her new show to Indian-Americans and the LGBT demo.

Yes, India is very harsh on gay people but what does Lilly know about that?