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Hold on, I'm having a stroke...

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I'm not that old, but the apparent fad for being gay to the point that you'd torture logic to justify identifying with a sexual minority feels... unfathomable. When I was a teenager it was very much a bad thing.

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The ONLY way that this might make any sense is if it's defined as: attraction to a single gender... but both sexes.

So, for example, someone who's attracted exclusively to men and women with "feminine" presentation/behavior (in gender-role terms).

The problem, of course, is: 1.] that's almost certainly not the term's intended meaning; and 2.] there's really nothing "semi" about such a person's bisexuality! They're just a particular flavor of bi-- bisexual with a gender-related preference-- rather than something else altogether.

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This has to be a troll.