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  1. Coming Out: I don't really "come out" unless it has to do with my romantic love interest or if people ask me lol. Haven't really had issues there.

  2. Familial & Social Rejection : If I would've told my (hyper) religious parents or relatives, they would've disowned me, I'm not close to them so I don't care, but I also see no point in "coming out" to them to give myself grief and a headache.

  3. Delegitimozation: Eh, most I've heard is people calling bisexual men "gay" and bisexual women "straight", but not really directed at me. People don't really pay attention to bisexuals all that much.

  4. Stereotypes: I see this A LOT. My younger brother thought my bisexuality is a phase. My brothers are blind to not see I was bisexual this whole time and assumed I was a straight tomboy. Every Tom, Dick, and Jane I meet always assumes I'm a lesbian. I've also seen some biphobia in the other sub, LGBDTT, but I think it's mainly trolls trying to rile people up.

  5. Discrimination : ... I've experienced that but not because I'm bisexual, let's go to the next question.

  6. Mental Health & Healthcare: Yep...Went to therapy for mental health. Also, had severe gender dysphoria at one point and confused about my bisexuality and gender nonconformity---but never spoke of these particular issues to the therapist, only other non-related issues. Not a fan of going to therapy based on my experiences, but I should probably try it again...

  7. Love, Dating, & Sex: LOL My current partner---when we first got together joked about threesomes. He doesn't care if we do or don't.

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