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I think you're gonna have to elaborate a little more because I'm not completely sure where you're going with this.

Also, can bisexuals themselves fall into this pipeline to rage against other Bi's?

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Sure looks like it.

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But why? I don't see the connection

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In real life these people just avoid and don't speak to you, but online I keep having run ins with gays and lesbians who hold a really brittle and negative attitude toward bisexuals and will lash out at random times when they think you've strayed from your place.

Over and over again, it seem to be people who are heavily invested in marriage. More than is normal.

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Ah, I see why you're saying that Patsy and how you feel... but I wouldn't pay any mind to that troll that's been commenting lately. He's just trying to bait us and cause infighting like this. Pretty sure he has a couple of alt accounts. He was talking about the L too, now he moved onto the B. I would just report him & block him. Not even sure he's part of the G or a liar.

The L & G are our friends too, they're in this together with us.

Edit: I'm sorry he's been attacking you, I reported him to the mods and showed the moderators his posts attacking you.

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Very mature, I'll follow your lead ☺️

Please, give me some of your chill.

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I agree there are some disturbed individuals who just flat-out don't like us bisexuals, and project their insecurities on us. I still can't see the connection to marriage though, unless maybe you're thinking that they harbor a resentment toward us due to our bisexuality technically allowing us another option (hetero marriage)? That has always been an issue that gay people have with us & a reason they don't trust us.

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I mean the people who carry around the "snotty princess" image of bisexual women in their heads (which can get very detailed!) and will fly off the handle posting bile if they think you've spoken out of place. It's a pattern at this point, and I've seen it happen to others too much to think it's just me. It's like you're just a punching bag and they're fighting with a monster in their heads.

Those people seem to also be more invested in getting married, the superficial trappings of marriage, perfecting their own marriages, etc. Not everyone is. These people are.

If I had to play psychologist, I would guess both are manifesting insecurity. It just seems like such a specific repeated situation I feel like they go hand in hand.

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it's almost like you're too embarrassed to admit that you dont understand that the nature of the community is gay civil rights and confronting the dehumanization of same sex attraction...and how that affects them...and how it's not just about "fun, narcissistic, obnoxious personal identification". HMMM. Almost like the majority of bisexual women have no idea how to interact with normal human beings because theyre so heavily gendered that they struggle to interact with gay men or lesbians and you refuse to acknowledge homosexuals are completely alien to you and dont indulge your selfishness because we're not straight or bi men. You had a personal back and forth with me, you made a really selfish argument which was completely wrong and revealed the nature of your priorities and concern...and then you run here and LIE to everyone about what happened. So... you went through no introspection, you didnt even walk away from that after multiple people called you out to say, "hmm, is it me...or all of them?" and think it might be you. And you affirmed every single thing i said about you. In the heterosexual world or environment, people like you are tolerated for their narcissism as "cute" and since you're a bisexual woman, im guessing the hetero males dont respect you enough to demand you act like a decent human being.... but this "cute" toxicity just rubs everyone the wrong way when you go into the gay world.

What you're doing is the equivalent of a narcissist driving on the wrong side of the highway with every car honking at you and yelling "GUUUUURL POWER! TEHEEHE YOU'RE JUST JEALOUS AND BIPHOBIC!". And we're all aware of the pattern since it's the overwhelming majority. Go harass gays and lesbians with your selfishness, then come running over here like a teenager and lying about what really happened. You basically summed up every single bisexual sub on reddit. You're right. There is a pattern and every gay and lesbian knows it. If you manage to pull your head out of you know what, you'll maybe stop contributing to it.

"i notice a patter with homosexuals concerned with civil rights being angry at bisexuals who think the gay community is about rainbow stickers, alcohol and pride parades" HMMMMM.

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Any other thoughts?

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just keep honking your horn. all the other cars are driving the wrong side of the road, not you. it's totally not you. "the more they care about gay civil rights, the more they find me superficial and narcissistic!". Even other bisexuals are calling you out. Seriously, how toxic can you get spreading lies and not owning up your faults? i also privately messaged everyone you interacted with and linked them to your comments so they know who theyre dealing with. nice try trying to stir up shit though. your personality and character are meant for the heterosexual world. you'll fit in better over there.

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I saw the comments of that one person who kept bothering you. They sound like a psycho lol. Some people have mental issues, don't let it get to you because you were polite and reasonable. <3

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Thank you, I felt a little gaslighted. I was trying to be polite and keep things calm. I think I have a lot to learn about handling those situations when they come up.

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I'm not a woman, but I think I had an exchange with someone who projected like this before. I said something simple along the lines of how no one can change their sexuality- even Bis, and they went off and said I was passive-aggressive and then slagged off bisexuals a bit for good measure.

I don't know if it had anything to do with their desire to get married or anything because I didn't follow up on it, but I wouldn't be too surprised if they had some personal hangups that so leaked into their interactions with other people that they couldn't even hear what someone was actually saying. Like- the sounds/words would run through this "I'm talking to a bi now" filter that warped it beyond all recognition.

To some extent, I don't know how to deal with people who are not able to listen like that. Because I'm mostly the opposite, and for some reason I expect people to be the same, even though that is unfortunately not often the case. Some people may simply be biased against your demographic, have a chip on their shoulder, or just haven't developed the skill for hearing people out.

Usually I don't have any patience for that kind of behavior though. I have to look after my own mental health after all. If some random hostile leaves me with their emotional/ideological baggage I usually dump it immediately.

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she's had arguments with me before. she's being dishonest about the multiple people who argued with her on multiple posts and she's too self centered to get it and she's here trying to "stir up drama" to pretend she has a mob to run back to. What she's saying is that gays/lesbians constantly complain and criticize her because they're "stuck" on gay. They cant escape their homosexual identity. It's permanent. So their community is based on civil rights and the humanization of same sex attraction. Job discrimination, civil rights, religious persecution. Look how she openly admits that when she says "these people...the more they value gay marriage, the more they criticize me! i dont know what it is but there must be some sort of evil correlation!" and then she goes on to dismiss their struggle for their humanity and to be recognized by the state. She most likely fully intends on getting married to a man in the future as most bisexual women do but just look at what she openly admits: "why do they care about this stuff?". I think you seriously need to police the people on this sub. She validates EVERYTHING gays and lesbians say about bisexual women and she comes on here to look for a toxic hug box to validate her. How are gays/lesbians "insecure" when she says she notices a "problem" of gays/lesbians being concerned with civil rights and her superficial identification and association with them and their priorities and concerns? And you never "had another option" were always for heterosexual supremacy and never saw gays as human until heterosexuals gave you permission to. So how about removing the toxicity from this sub to actually build that trust.

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Ngl bro this is incoherent and nonsensical to me. Who are you even talking to? Just go away lol

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ya bro. thats why it has 4 upvotes and you could have responded to anything but decided to act like some rapper with your "wassup bruh" aesthetic to pretend your literacy issues somehow invalidates the comment. it doesnt. if you have trouble understanding something, ask for help.

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nah blocking you now bc i don't argue with delusional scrotes <3

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oh look, a homophobic radical feminist with such great analytical skills as: "the asteroid coming to wipe out all life on earth is misogynistic because it's going to kill all women!" is "scrotes" your way of pretending you're not part of the patriarchy that committed genocide against gay males for about 2000 years and that straight men arent your best friends? lol "scrotes" yeah, great deflection. what names do you have for lesbians when they give her the exact same criticism?

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Please elaborate.

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I was on the old drop the T sub and left after a huge blow up with a bunch of lesbians about there being too many Bisexuals in charge and commenting on the sub.

The main instigators, as I recall, also had a post history full of pining for a wife or lamenting issues with their marriages. I thought... hmm.

Then, yesterday, this guy flew off the handle after he tried to pick a fight and I told him no. He followed me over here as well trying to pick fights and catch me being homophobic. He has mentioned his marriage repeatedly in posts.

I think there is a correlation. Not necessarily causation, but correlation.

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Oh.. That's our resident Gay Supremacist. Who knows how many accounts he burned through by now or how many arguments he had on this site and Beyond? Legend has it that he'll eventually have to learn to live with everyone here, because we're all on the same Pirate Ship in the end; Exiled to Sea by the Powers that Be and lacking vitamin T.

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I think he made another account recently. When he got reported, another new account instantly started bashing me on a recent post I made and got removed right after haha.

I saw another new account take place too, but unsure if it's him again in incognito.

He'll make "normal" comments every once in a while then go back to being a troll.

Edit: word

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Don't let the haters get to you.

I find it funny that there's been no moderating actions needed or used here up until just yesterday.

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I was on the old drop the T sub and left after a huge blow up with a bunch of lesbians about there being too many Bisexuals in charge and commenting on the sub.

Can you link this too?

I took a look at his post history and only saw two comments about marriage, and it wasn't the main topic. Maybe I should search for another keyword?

I don't agree with most of what he says, and he clearly has a lot of bitterness but I think it's important to realize where that bitterness comes from. Most of the true believers in gender ideology are bisexuals. Bisexuals (obligatory not all bis) cause a lot of harm to the LG community by identifying as "queer", "pan", "omni", "poly", or any of the other million descriptors, which muddy the meaning of sexual orientation, which is/are the sex(es) you are attracted to, not preferences such as personality/looks.

Bisexuals also call themselves gay and lesbian but say they would include trans people sexually. Yes, there are LG people lying and saying this, but there are bi people with a strong preference for whom this is true. Bi people outnumber gays and lesbians, yet we have no strong bi community. We have all these bi people lying about their sexuality and causing huge harm to LG, while yes, most bi people do end up with the opposite sex (no shade, it's really a numbers game here. Gays and lesbians are rare while straight people are not). So basically bi people end up causing all this damage while facing less of the repercussions. This isn't to say that bi people have never done anything for LG because that is false, but the whole TRA thing is really a bi problem, but I feel like bi people don't talk about it enough. I had a chat with him earlier and he was very civil and said he'd had experiences with a lot of the bis I described. However, I think he holds a lot of prejudice and totally flew off the rails there and I have no respect for that sort of behavior. It is still important to see where this anger is coming from, though.

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Is there an archive somewhere of the old reddit sub? This would have been in 2019.

We have all these bi people lying about their sexuality and causing huge harm to LG

I'm not sure exactly what you're referring to, can you give a couple of examples?

I have to say, I don't think bisexuals have a unique amount of guilt in promoting gender theory. All members of the LGBT participated in creating it, allowing it to take over, and all have members who are still stubbornly promoting it for various reasons. The transmen of the 90s and pioneers of gender theory are all lesbians, bisexuals introduced the wishy washy "love isn't about genitals" ideology, and gay men gave them the gay press and leadership of gay rights groups.

I think bisexual women are constantly caught in a bind where we're on our own trying to guess our way through life and we get punished for guessing wrong. This gets interpreted as lying, imo. What are you supposed to do, anyway, when you have no good choices?

There isn't a way to be a virtuous bisexual.

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I'm not sure exactly what you're referring to, can you give a couple of examples?

Bisexuals identifying as "queer" and other labels (including lesbian and gay) is lying and harmful:

First and foremost, it obscures the meaning of the word bisexual, which is attraction to men and women. There has been a huge push for bisexuals to identify as something other than bi (pan, queer) because it's "transphobic" or they read about a more specific "orientation" on the internet (poly, others I'm sure).

The transphobia thing is ridiculous because it's not oppression to not fuck someone (you probably know this if you're on this site, but just clarifying), and when bisexuals discard the "bi" label for something more specific, it shows a fundamental misunderstanding of what a sexual orientation is (attraction to the same, opposite, or both sexes) by conflating it with a sexual preference (femininity/masculinity, styles, personality, ect.).

Think of the TRA push for lesbians and gays to accept "transbians" and "gay trans men". The only "lesbian" who would feel attraction to a "transbian" is actually a bi woman who is attracted to femininity in a partner. Now, plenty of LG people who say they would include trans people sexually are just lying, but there are some genuinely bi people who would, but still consider themselves lesbian or gay, which is obviously not true.

Also, "queer" is a slur, and honestly a lot of people who identify as such are just spicy straight (dyed hair, alt style). When bi people identify as queer, they're contributing to the muddying of the meaning of the word bisexual, and in addition, lesbian and gay, since if bisexuality is not clearly defined as attraction to both sexes, one could assert that lesbianism or being gay can also include attraction to both sexes, as long as they're of the same gender identity/other stupid qualifier. I think people need to stop being ashamed of calling themselves bisexual because they're causing confusion and allowing gender ideology (which is damaging to lesbian, gay, women's, parents, and children's rights) to propagate because of their own fear and shame. People think "queer" is a safe, cool identity, not associated with negative stereotypes of bisexuality, but highly associated with oppression points.

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People think "queer" is a safe, cool identity, not associated with negative stereotypes of bisexuality, but highly associated with oppression points.

That's certainly true. I've been thinking for a while that declaring yourself queer is some sort of performative piety to let straight people know you're obedient.

The thing I'm not understanding is the harm part. I can definitely get how this situation is annoying to homosexuals, irritating. Harmful? What's happening to them because of this? I associate the word harm with things like violence and poverty.

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(Also to answer your question earlier, I know nothing about archiving)

The harm is all the hard caused by gender/trans ideology, because these "Woque Kweers®" (bisexuals) are the primary drivers behind it. One would have to be bisexual to believe in it 100%. This ideology leads to the "transitioning" (sterilization, loss of sexual function, and early death by cancer) of kids and adults. Same-sex attraction alone is enough to get a diagnosis of Gender Dysphoria. This short video explains the way Gender Dysphoria is defined in the DSM and how it's harmful to gays and lesbians (as well as bisexuals, but them especially):

If the definition of "lesbian" is no longer "woman exclusively attracted to other women", then lesbian rights mean nothing. Same for gay. This essay by Orwell explains the harm in muddying the definitions of words:

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That's scapegoating. It has to be said. Bisexuals identifying as queer are not the main drivers of young lesbians transitioning and the muddying of the definition of lesbian does not affect legal protections for sexual orientation.

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Bisexuals identifying as queer are not the main drivers of young lesbians transitioning

I didn't say that. I said bisexuals are the primary drivers of gender ideology. Gender ideology is a driver of young lesbians transitioning. Gender ideology draws mostly from Queer Theory, which asserts that rigid sexual orientations do not exist and are 100% socially constructed. In other words, everyone is bisexual. Only a bisexual person with little empathy for monosexuals can believe this.

Confused/ashamed bisexuals make up the army of useful idiots for gender/trans ideology.

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A bisexual with eyes of her own can believe this. I think that that is convoluted scapegoating. Bisexuals who are caught up in the same wave of homophobia are not the agents directing its movement.

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Thanks for the links, I saved your comment for later.

I wasn't really around LGBDroptheT during the reddit era. Maybe a little towards the end, but anyways---it's nice to see these posts. I hope we can grow as big as them and TrueBisexuals.