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I've never experienced much of a separation between the two and honestly the idea that that's normal is bizarre to me. Seems kind of fucked up.

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It may be relevant and helpful for people who are asexual, but I think it becomes more problematic when applied to people who are not. I do agree that a lot of people who claim to be heteroromantic and homosexual are just gay and in denial... I'm not sure whether romantic love is just a construct though. I did read that neuroscientists have found particular parts of the brain light up when someone is in love, and the brainwave patterns are unique. The problem is we can't really look inside people's brains so it's hard to pin down exactly what romantic attraction actually means. It's not a physical activity like sex that's a bit more straightforward to define and categorise.

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It just makes bisexuality even more confusing to nin-bisexuals, and nobody that is biIRL goes around saying things like 'Hi my name is...and I am a biromantic bisexual!'