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There's an LGBT Center in my city, but I've never been there. I have been considering visiting lately. There's actually some sort of "education program" where people can "learn more about what it means to be Bi+ and about the issues facing this often misunderstood, but important, component of the LGBTQ+ community" - it's currently conducted online. I don't know what to make of it, but the people involved are they/thems and it includes pan/mspec/etc identities, which is not my thing. I think something like this is doing more damage than helping us, and the whole "bi+" thing makes me feel so sad that we can't just be proudly bisexual but we have to enable and include self-hating bisexuals that identify as anything but bi. But that's queerios for ya. There used to be a bi meetup, but I never went, because I assumed I wouldn't be able to relate to most people attending.

Unsurprisingly, there are meetups and resources and "programs" for bi, trans, "queer," etc people but NONE specifically for gays or lesbians. It just looks like a typical mess that kisses trans/nonbinary ass and is hostile to actual same-sex attraction. I don't want to engage.

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Bi+ :/ way to undermine bisexuals

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God that's awful. Sounds like more of a grooming operation. How do you have a gay community center with no gay people?

learn more about what it means to be Bi+ and about the issues facing this often misunderstood, but important, component of the LGBTQ+ community

Lol that is the first and only time I have seen us referred to as important. We are many good things, but I don't think important is one of them.

I would hesitate to try to connect with those people too, I don't know if they would be used to my perspective or whether we would be able to find common ground or common experiences of any kind.

For instance, would these group leaders ever have experienced rejection from their families? Trouble with institutions? Social marginalization?

They could be great people who really get it, but I would edit myself until I had a read on how mainstream they are.

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I'm getting "no" vibes.

Do any of you live in a city that has a place like this?

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No, and to your comment, idk.

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