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I assume this is in reference to those who say bisexuals are necessarily attracted to people at the extremes of gender nonconformity (ie the uncanny valley trans)? If so...yeah, this is why I think "superbi" is legitimate. It doesn't exclude people on the basis of sex like the other super orientations but it does exclude the frankentrans. I suppose this position also legitimizes pansexuality, but I think that's okay as long as it's understood as a subset of bisexuality and not its own orientation.

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It was just a response to people who say "bisexuality is a non-binary sexuality". This used to be a lot more prevalent in the past; nowadays when you look up "bisexuality" and/or "non-binary", there are tons of articles about non-binary "gender" people. I think in their "logic" bisexuality is non-binary because I guess:

0 = Homosexual

1 = Heterosexual

? = Bisexual

and I just think that's really dumb lol.

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Okay, I had never heard that expression before.

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This isn't really the spirit of what I was seeing earlier, but here:

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Doesn’t ‘bi’ mean ‘two’?

It does! But like many words ‘bisexual’ isn’t that literal.

LOL. Thanks for the link and explanation. About what I thought, though impressively even less intelligent.

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Lol it's really fucking stupid.

There are transphobic pan people but they’re not transphobic because the’re pan.

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I wish I could link you to somewhere that said that, but it looks like all traces have been buried under countless articles about "being nonbinary".