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I got so excited when I saw twelve replies :(

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What happened here? 👁👄👁

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Trolls and baiting, that's what happened :(

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Too many assholes lurking, that's why I hardly post here.

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Oh no! So I guess that's what befell me, huh? I really got slammed here the last time I commented... it actually scared me away till now.

Any idea how this came about? It seems so unlikely for a bi-specific space, you know? We don't seem to draw much fire, typically-- one of the few benefits of being invisible, I guess! So why are we suddenly beset with trolls and attempts at sabotage, do you think?

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Oh hi, I know you! <3

I have my own theories, but I won't speak for the mods here. Continuing to talk about how things went wrong isn't helping this thread get answers though. It's derailing, which none of us want, right? We want our bisexual community to have discussions about what matters to us, bisexuals, not focus on things or people or conversations that detract from our needs.

Unfortunately, no one has actually answered the question. Several of us have said we want that, so lets encourage it! If not in this post, then in other posts we feel matter.

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Hiya! <3 Yeah, it's my clueless ol' ass, inadvertently derailing things as per usual! With you gently but firmly guiding me back on track once again :)

So, by way of apology, allow me to be the first to answer the question posed in your actual post!

What stands out for me, in retrospect, probably is the "first inkling" that I ever had: seeing Raiders of the Lost Ark at age 13... and being attracted to both the male villain AND the female lead. (Yeah, I thought that Harrison Ford was pretty damn fine, too, but somehow bad-boy Rene Bellocq was the guy who really made an impression on tween me.)

Though I didn't appreciate it at the time, this amounted to Bisexuality: Condensed Version. Especially when these two characters/actors appeared together in the same (often sexually-charged, what with Bellocq lusting after Marion) scene! Bonus points for how, even at this early stage, my long-term pattern of being drawn to each sex in quite different ways (women more physically, men more emotionally) was already present.

About me, demographics-wise: female; GenXer; USA.

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even at this early stage, my long-term pattern of being drawn to each sex in quite different ways (women more physically, men more emotionally) was already present.

Would you consider yourself heteroromantic?

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I want to answer the question, but it feels like such a complex thing to me, and I'm having trouble putting it into words. It has always felt like something split in two, rather than whole. I think this is because of bisexuality being discussed as both not-real and universal ("everyone is a little bit bi!), and as being half-straight half-gay rather than... bisexual, confused me for a long time. I'm sort of working on healing myself and understanding myself (in general and with regard to my sexual orientation) as whole, so for now I don't know how to approach the question.

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What didnt

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