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I work late and then go in the next day fairly early so I'm just gonna pop a melatonin gummy when I get home and hope next year's Halloweekend is more fun.

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Hey, that counts as candy, so you are celebrating lol.

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What do you normally do on Halloween?

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It's been a while since I gave out candy, but I used to love doing that. Watch scary movies and Halloween specials while waiting for the doorbell to ring and giving out candy. (One time, a very small boy opened our door and just walked right in asking for candy. It was adorable.)

I moved cities to live with my mom in her new house in 2019, and we tried to give out candy that year but it was pouring rain and there were only 2 trick-or-treaters before the rain started. Apparently, everyone does trunk-or-treating now. (I admit it's probably much safer and the kids won't get as tired, but man... Halloween just ain't what it used to be.) We did nothing in 2020 because the pandemic did not put us in the mood for celebrating. We decorated this year but we didn't buy any candy and I'm going to bed asap anyway so, nothing again.

What do you like to do on Halloween?

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That sounds fun and cute lol. When I was a kid, I walked around instead of driving. Weird.

Trick-or-treaters never come to my door, so nothing lol. I don't really celebrate holidays because I'm broke and busy with work and school, but I'd like to in the future.