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I haven't noticed anything that made me think he might be bi instead of gay, but I also am not looking at him in terms of sexuality. To me, he's a politician who happens to be gay, and I don't care what his sexual orientation is. I want to know what he intends to do with policies and government.

Do you think you might be "getting him" because of personality or value similarities? Are there things you feel are bi-specific he is hinting at on the down-low? I'd be interested in seeing things from another perspective.

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Well, his whole closeting story and the nature of abuse he receives just feels familiar. He dated a girl at Harvard, at least, and managed to stay functioning while closeted for a decade afterward. He was in Afghanistan and then ran a political campaign. Then he comes out apparently at the time he's decided he wants to get married, and finds a husband within a year. I'm certainly cynical and harsh, and I don't think he did anything wrong, but coming out in your thirties is more the realm of bisexuals than homosexuals.

It would also explain why he's so closed off and aloof with his gay identity. He isn't gay. A lot of people seem to think he might have Aspergers, which I don't think is likely. His interests are social- languages, public service, politics. Aspies have a hard time learning languages.

I think the simpler answer is he seems awkward and uncomfortable with gay culture because it doesn't come naturally to him and he spent most of his youth separated from it. He at some point realized he wanted to partner with a man and then did so. Not a bad thing! But I wonder if that's what's up with him. He's still closeted, just in a roomier closet.

I've seen interviews where he talks about the military, or Southbend, he lights up and is very animated and engaging. He's obviously being propped up as a sort of official gay role model, so I can't help but play armchair psychologist or whatever. It's too tempting 😉

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I do get a feeling we might be fundamentally similar people. Idk. I don't often get that with homosexuals.

Why do you feel that way? I'm the opposite.

He's gay. It's honestly homophobic for you to suspect he isn't gay just because you like him.

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Jeepers, foiled again! I hope he's grateful to have you defending his honor.

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It would be less disrespectful if you just told me "fuck you"

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Huh? He says he is gay, so I guess he has no sexual attraction to women. He might have had sex with women when he was not out, closeted, in denial as this is not uncommon but I know multiple gay men who had sex with women when they were not out, out of familial pressure, had no way of meeting gay and bisexual men (this was in the late 1970s and very early 1980s) etc. they said sex with women just showed them how they are not sexually attracted to any woman at all.

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Yeah, it's just something is off with him and I just get the feeling. So, you know, I have zero proof.