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To me, it's being pushed to stick with one sex, typically the opposite sex (I wouldn't go as far as comparing it to conversation therapy as we already experience attraction to the opposite sex, but there is potential to learn shame and guilt for liking the same sex); being treated as 'sluts' or heretics for liking both sexes; and being erased because how could someone possibly be attracted to both sexes? so we would be treated as straight or gay depending on our current relationship or how others perceive us.

I think people 'can't define biphobia' here because this sub is relatively quiet.

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The overall erasure of bisexuality, been there too, many times. I've definitely experienced being "not quite straight" or "not quite gay" enough for my potential partners. Like I need to pick a side and commit to it forever, otherwise I'm invalidating other sexualities and harming them.

To what you mentioned about sluts/heretics, that's probably the most common, and intertwines. Bisexuality being seen as non-monogamous or unable to commit. Sexual orientation doesn't have anything to do with morals/ethics in a relationship, but we're pre-judged as having no boundaries or foundation. The amount of times I've been propositioned for a 3some, even while in a committed relationship ... holy shit, I would be rich.

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If it exists, why can't anyone articulate what it is?

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What do you mean, "if" it exists? Why can't you?

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Well, I think the previous commenters already did.

But if you're looking for the in-a-nutshell version, here's one word that sums it up: monosexism.

That's the basis for all of the anti-bisexual attitudes which others have mentioned, I think. The assumption that sexual orientation = monosexual (because, for most people, this is indeed the case). And that, therefore, there is no such thing as bisexuality: it's not a sexual orientation at all. Hence the alternate "explanations" for it: being confused, indecisive, wishy-washy, immature, slutty, phony, etc. And the erasure (cuz, after all, we don't exist).