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So women aren't horny? Or do you only care about objectification where it concerns women, and not men? Take one look at the explosion of onlyfans and tell me women do not objectify or sexualize themselves, with pride and joy, explicitly for the purpose of sexual gratification, by their own accord.

Or do you think men should be punished for having sex drives? Do you think women don't have that, or are they just magically exempt from the same scrutiny?

How does this relate to your sexuality?

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Bro, I think this is weird and misandristic, and I'm a sex-separatist that thinks men and women shouldn't ever interact in person and doesn't believe that sex between opposite-sex couples can ever truly be consensual. If I'm concerned that you have fucked-up sexist moral jankery behind your views on sex, uh, yeah, rethink your biases, dude.