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There is a o/LovingWomen section on Ovarit, which is inclusive of all same-sex attracted women. If you are looking for something that welcomes bisexual men, you could try r/bisexualadults on Reddit.

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I didn't even know about r/bisexualadults why is it now banned from reddit?

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You can go on "lesbian" websites/forums and to social groups, bars, etc. It is NOT invading as it is not as though you are a heterosexual man or someone TS/TG who is insisting that lesbian women date and have sex with men.

I generally avoid reddit, Chan, and other websites as they are not that good and are a mess like you said.

I would suggest local bisexual social and discussion groups but they tend to be overrun with LGBTQWHATEVERUSELESSLETTERWILLTHEYADDNEXT and professional activist types. They are not bad for making friends but I am not there to talk about transsexuals, or anything not really related to bisexuality.

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Yeah I usually lurk the lesbian forums,never really post on them.

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They call and refer to people like us as febfems as in female exclusive bisexual females, but I don't know if they have good forums for us to go to. I've been on reddit and was treated like shit for posting my views, so I avoid lgbt forums on reddit and other places now. I lurk on lchat, but they don't like it when bis are posting there.