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Yeah, I got sick of that sub and deleted my account. I only frequented it because it was a female- only space, but it grew tiresome after the 3,456 post about "how can I find a high value man??". Here's a hint: you can't. If they exist, they are a micro-minority, and your odds of finding one are almost non-existent.

They spend all day there complaining about how terrible men are, but still investing all this headspace, time, energy and resources on trying to attract some mythical unicorn Male who is more like them than like 99.9% of the male population. Good luck with that, and what a waste of time, vital energy and money.

They promote really anti-feminist YouTube channels like some nut named Shera who coaches women to be feminine, helpless, dependent on men financially, and gold diggers. Gross.

Another turnoff was all the posts from women complaining about online dating (stop using it) and proclaiming that they've found a "HVM" they've known for a couple weeks. You don't even know him, lady, get a grip.

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Willingly dating an XWhy as a woman in 2020 has to be one of the dumbest decisions you can make. There's no faster way to bring danger, stress, and trouble in your life than allowing scrotes into it. They all think their Nigel is the "rare good one", but it's interesting how seemingly every woman claims to know these "rare" "good" men.

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They all think their Nigel is the "rare good one", but it's interesting how seemingly every woman claims to know these "rare" "good" men.

you said that very well... I think most women are in denial, even radical feminists. They believe that if they just show men enough ever loving kindness, that men will eventually realize we're more than just their accessory/support animal. Not gonna happen tho. When this pattern of casually indifferent exploitation has gone on for thousands of years in every country on the planet, misogyny is not just a pattern -- it's a law of nature.

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Yes. This is what I think too.

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We women are delusional and naive when it comes to men but its possible to fight it and gain clarity

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Not all men!

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I'm just that out there when it comes to my disdain for men.

right there with you!

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Im banned too lol and also from feminidm blatantmisogyny loveafterporn bdsmadvice sex

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I bet pickmes are gonna take over this sub and ruin it like those retards do with all the women only spaces online. Pickmes ruin everything, ive seen this too many times